The 42nd Tourist Showcase of ANATO 2023 closes successfully Technocio

The 42nd Tourist Showcase of ANATO 2023 closes successfully Technocio

The preliminary number of event days completed in the entry of attendees was 38,000, a 40% increase over 2022.

The scheduling tool, developed by ANATO to facilitate meetings between attendees, reached more than 14,000 meetings.

Tourism from Colombia and around the world came together in one place during the three days of the 42nd ANATO 2023 Tourism Showcase, a space where more than 1,200 exhibitors and co-exhibitors established successful meetings to strengthen the offer of tourist experience attractions Travelers will enjoy the upcoming holiday seasons.

For this occasion, the preliminary figure for the completion of event days in entry of participants was 38,000, a 40% increase compared to 2022. In addition, the scheduling tool created by ANATO aims to facilitate the meetings between participants, reaching more than 14,000 meetings.

“We highlight the role played by the Dominican Republic and San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina as guest of honor destinations and protagonists of this release. The ANATO Tourist Showcase is undoubtedly the scene of good news for Colombia,” said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of the union.

As every year, color and creativity stood out on the National Destination stands and Nariño, Pasto and Quindío were the first, second and third place winners respectively of this version.

In the afternoon of the event, Transport Minister Guillermo Reyes visited the stands and, in line with what President of the Republic Gustavo Petro said, highlighted tourism as a fundamental axis of the transition to decarbonization.

He also reiterated the importance of investing in infrastructure. “We have set destinations at major airports such as Rionegro, Bogotá, Santa Marta, San Andrés, Riohacha and Cali. And the renovation of some parts of Pacific, Nariño, Amazonia, Cauca, Huila and Valle is already underway, which will help revitalize the economy,” he explained.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Tourism Arturo Bravo highlighted the success of the ANATO Tourism Showcase as a place to achieve tourism goals, to leave an image to transform Colombia into a more sustainable destination and as a commitment to inclusive and regenerative growth.

Finally, the Vice President of Tourism of Procolombia, Gilberto Salcedo, published the preliminary figures with 55% of the appointments reported in the Colombia Travel Mart macro-raid that reached business expectations of 38 million dollars, 273 Colombian businessmen, 225 international business people from 31 countries. And he highlighted that the five countries that generated the most business were Canada, the United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru and Chile.

“We are closing this version of the event, convinced once again of the great unification of this sector; everyone’s desire to work towards the tourism we dream of; and for continuing to demonstrate the richness of each destination. We highlight the range of products such as ethnic tourism, responsible tourism, community tourism and tourism with a focus on folk arts. In addition to the participation, for the first time of Nicaragua, the return of Venezuela”, stressed Paula Cortés Calle.