The EU also took action against Wagner mercenaries in the

The EU also took action against Wagner mercenaries in the tenth package of sanctions against Russia. “A threat to international security”

“The activities of the Wagner Group pose a threat to the people of the countries in which they operate and to the EU.” In a note, EU High Representative Josep Borrell announced the Council’s decision to place 11 individuals and 8 entities linked to the Wagner Group on the sanctions lists, “due to their international dimension and seriousness their activities with a destabilizing effect”. According to the EU, Russian mercenaries operating in Ukraine “endanger international peace and security because they do not operate within a legal framework”. For these reasons, the European Community was “determined to continue to take concrete action against violations of international law”. The European Union has reached a general agreement on the matter after a stalemate that sparked fears about the unity of member countries in their response to Russian aggression in Ukraine Tenth package of sanctions against Moscow. In the document “121 listed persons and organizations, new and significant import and export restrictions, ban on the dissemination of Russian propaganda. We remain united in our determination to damage Russia’s war machine.” The press release from the European Council, however, emphasizes that the further export bans are worth more than 11 billion Euro, “deprive the Russian economy of basic technological and industrial assets”. “We now have the most far-reaching sanctions ever, depleting Russia’s war arsenal and deeply affecting its economy. We are also increasing the pressure on those trying to circumvent our sanctions,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, after noting the acceptance of the package, relaunched: «The pressure on the Russian aggressor must increase. We expect decisive steps against it rosatom and theRussian nuclear industrymore pressure on the military and banks”.

What does the tenth package of sanctions include?

However, it is always Borrell who provides more specifics on the measures included in the package. “We aim at least at those responsible for deportation and forced adoption 6 thousand Ukrainian children. This is a clear violation of international law, including the Geneva Convention.” Sweden, which holds the rotating EU presidency, has announced that the package of measures also includes “tougher export restrictions in terms of dual-use and technology”. And again: ” Targeted restrictive measures against individuals and organizations who support the war, spread propaganda or supply drones used by Russia in the war” and “Action against Russian disinformation”. European Union member states have “collectively imposed the toughest and most far-reaching sanctions ever to… to help Ukraine win the war. The EU stands united with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We will support Ukraine for as long as necessary.”

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