The Russian city of Belgorod burns after a Ukrainian attack

The Russian city of Belgorod burns after a Ukrainian attack with missiles and drones

As if it were a macabre game of ping-pong, the revenge in between Russia and Ukraine Mutual attacks follow one another, and the main victims are, as always, the same: civilians.

In revenge for the sinking on December 26th Amphibious ship Novocherkask in the Black SeaRussia retaliated by bombing Ukrainian cities with hundreds of missiles and suicide drones on the night of December 29, leaving a bloody trail that left 39 dead.

Now it is the turn of Ukraine, which launched attacks against Ukraine this Saturday with 13 missiles Russian cities Belgorod and Bryansk without the Russian defense being able to stop the attack.

In Bryansk, the region's governor assured that at least six drones were intercepted and shot down.

Most of them were punished Belgorod city, near the Ukrainian border, where several fires broke out due to falling debris after the deployment of Russian anti-aircraft batteries. There are at least four dead and several injured.

Videos circulating on social media show multiple fires across the city and covered streets Broken glass and wounded men lying on the sidewalks.

In addition, the governor warned that residents should go to emergency shelters because new attacks could occur without the authorities Russian armed forces are able to intercept them.

On the other hand, Russian authorities said they shot down up to 32 Ukrainian drones this evening that were heading toward several Russian cities, including Moscow.