The surprise that Grupo Niche gave the people of Cali at their trade fair El País Cali

La Negra doesn't want, Search Inside, Surrender, Let's Do What the Heart Says, Our Dream, Ana Milé, My Birthplace, Cali Pachanguero, Fireproof, Something That Stays, An Adventure were part of the repertoire he lived last night in the Parque de las Piedras, as part of the Christmas lighting round. A surprise concert that this group gave to the city on the night of December 29th.

“The initiative came from the directors of Grupo Niche, from Yanila Varela and her brothers. They decided to give a free concert. Well, the truth is that we did two, one was eight days ago in the Villanueva prison for the inmates. and this Friday was for the city, for the people, in the lighting, on the boulevard,” Maestro José Aguirre, artistic director of the Cali group, told El País.

The niche group was surprised on December 29th at the Parque de las Piedras. | Photo: El Pais

“People had no idea, they saw the stage and gathered there. But when we arrived it was crazy, people were very happy. The idea was that we would play half an hour, four or five songs as a gift, but the emotion was so great that we ended up playing for two hours and ten minutes. They asked for the music they wanted, we played it and it was a huge party. This fascinates me because it strengthens the bond between Grupo Niche and the city of Cali. People applauded the group very much, knowing everything that Grupo Niche represents as the heritage of the city, the country and Latin America. It was a huge party and we thank people for all the enormous displays of affection where many emotions were expressed. We end this year thanking God for it and loving the city even more,” added Aguirre, producer, arranger and artistic director of the Grammy-winning album “Niche Sinfónico.”

The Niche Group took a tour of their greatest hits, fulfilling the wishes of their followers. | Photo: El Pais

The call for the surprise concert in Cali on December 29th was made through social networks, where Grupo Niche left clues about this surprise presentation. Next, Parque de las Piedras began to fill with fans who began commenting on the group's social media about the songs they wanted to hear that night.

According to José Aguirre, Niche's director and music producer, the plan was to sing four songs, but seeing the reception of the people of Cali, they expanded their repertoire. This was a space created and supported by the Cali Culture Secretariat and Cali Fair.

Maestro Aguirre also said that Grupo Niche is working on a new, unreleased album.

Luis Araque showed his feeling by performing Grupo NIche's most anticipated tunes. | Photo: El Pais

These were the songs Grupo Niche performed:

– Let's do what the heart says️