The US is developing an innovative system to launch drones

The US is developing an innovative system to launch drones and missiles – La Nouvelle Tribune

Technological advances have ushered in a new era of threats to the modern battlefield. The continued development of drones and missiles, which have become ubiquitous tools in modern conflicts, is causing growing concern among the world's militaries. The American Army is aware of this growing threat and has set about developing innovative solutions to counter these flying and mobile devices efficiently and economically.

The proliferation of drones, from small, inexpensive devices to sophisticated military equipment, has changed the dynamics of conflict. The scenarios in Ukraine have clearly demonstrated the versatility of these devices, whether for reconnaissance, dropping explosives or even as vectors for suicide attacks. Given this variety of threats from the air, traditional strategies such as the use of surface-to-air missiles or jammers quickly reach their limits and therefore require drastic innovations.

To address these complex challenges, the military has recognized the need for low-cost but highly effective defense solutions. Several countries including USA, Germany, France and Japan, researched various technologies such as laser cannons and railguns. These systems, capable of reaching their targets at the speed of light, represent a promising alternative and offer a very competitive cost per shot.

The US is developing an innovative system to launch drones

In this race for military innovation, the… UNITED STATESby theUS Navy and thatUS Air Force, are distinguished by their investment in high-performance microwave antenna systems. Working with Raytheon, these antennas were designed to neutralize drones by “burning” their electronics. These efforts are implemented through the Directed Energy Front-line Electromagnetic Neutralization and Defeat (Defend) program, which aims to develop robust and easily transportable prototypes specifically suited to front-line conflict areas.

Although the technical details of microwave antennas remain confidential, the reputation of Raytheon with a view to developing advanced weapons such as the system chimera Electronic countermeasures using microwaves inspire confidence in the feasibility of these new technologies. THE Pentagon, The company invests nearly $1 billion annually in the development of directed energy weapons and plans to deploy these systems on a variety of platforms, from aircraft to warships to land vehicles, to protect positions and assets from new threats.

The advancement of these targeted energy defense technologies illustrates the ever-changing landscape of modern conflict. While these developments offer promising solutions to combat drones and missiles, they also raise ethical and strategic questions about the balance between military innovation and the need to maintain international stability and security.

The US is developing an innovative system to launch drones