They point out that Pique is unfaithful to Clara and

They point out that Piqué is unfaithful to Clara and reveal her reaction

Spanish press reports that the former defender was also unfaithful to the girl he replaced Shakira with.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Martí have since become the couple of the hour previous player apart from Shakira. Now, in the last few hours, it has become known that the former player was allegedly unfaithful to his new partner.

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Jordi Martín, paparazzi who has been closely following Gerard Piqué, revealed that ex-Barcelona player Clara Chía was unfaithful and also pointed out the girl’s reaction.

Jordi Martin is one of those paparazzi who knows every detail that happens in the story between Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía. It was he himself who announced that the ex-partner was in a crisis and there were rumors of a possible separation.

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With the release of Shakira and Karol G’s song called TQG, Martin took the opportunity to share a new detail about what happened between Clara and Piqué.

Jordi Martín assured Piqué was unfaithful to Clara Chía at the beginning of their romance and explained that he could not reveal the name of the woman with whom he cheated on the young Spaniard because “he wanted to remain anonymous”.

“I know and she (Clara) knows, she ignored it because it was early in the relationship,” Jordi revealed, pointing out that Piqué was unfaithful to his new girlfriend.

According to the Spanish press, when Clara found out about the infidelity pique He said he was “so resentful” that he decided to leave the former Barcelona player’s luxurious apartment.

According to the paparazzi, Klara Chia almost forced Gerard Pique to post their first photo together on his account instagrambecause he asked him to give him his place in front of everyone.

In order to put things in order and not lose his new love, Piqué decided to publish his first photo with her, and almost out of obligation, since the young woman would have given him an ultimatum that she was tired of everyone to be mocked.

The reporter assured that this was a latent fear in the young woman because she knew it at any moment pique he can be unfaithful, just like he did with Shakira.

Piqué would have been unfaithful to Clara and the girl reacted so furiously that she left the room. However, the former defender shared a photo with his new partner and she forgave him.

It was also said at the time that Clara had been in a hospital due to an anxiety attack, and the paparazi was the one who came out to deny that fact, saying that he knew many things that Chía didn’t let him know wanted.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí were allegedly evicted from a Los Angeles restaurant because the owner is a fan of Colombian singer Shakira, who the former soccer player would have betrayed with the young Spaniard.

Piqué doesn’t stop spreading news about his personal life.

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