Thousands in biggest demonstration yet against election results in Serbia

Thousands in biggest demonstration yet against election results in Serbia

In Serbia The largest demonstration to date against the parliamentary and local elections took place on December 17th. Thousands of people gathered downtown on Saturday, the 13th consecutive day of protests Belgradecall for the annulment of the official results and new elections within six months.

Things are boiling in Serbia: accusations of electoral fraud, protests and hunger strikes

Thousands of people demonstrated in the center of Belgrade on Saturday against alleged electoral fraud

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In addition to intellectuals, artists and other celebrities, numerous students also participated. They described the authorities controlled by President Aleksandar Vucic as “thieves”. “We do not accept” was written in large letters on the stage.

Opposition activists end hunger strike

The crowd's applause was mainly directed at opposition figure Marinika Tepic, who has been on hunger strike for 13 days. Tepic only managed to get on stage, visibly weakened, and with the help of her friends at the party. She also called for the elections to be annulled.

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Tepic was taken to hospital on Saturday, where she announced the end of her hunger strike.

Visibly weakened, opposition figure Marinika Tepic took the stage


There are no reports of violence

There were no reports of violence. Dozens of people were injured during protests on Christmas Eve. According to preliminary results, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) received 46.7 percent of the vote, while the opposition Serbian Alliance Against Violence received 23.6 percent.

According to international election observers, the SNS separated from the President Aleksandar Vucic gives an unfair advantage. Vucic rejected this.

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