Ukraine breaking news. Kiev: counter offensive in the spring, including the liberation of Crimea among the objectives


US President Joe Biden rejects the peace plan developed by China. “If Putin likes him, how can this be a good plan?” it rebuffs, noting that “this plan only benefits Russia.” According to the White House chief, “the idea that China is “negotiating the outcome of a totally unjust war for Ukraine” is not rational. Even for Zelensky it’s “unrealistic”

Zelenskyy: Peace is not enough to build a Ukrainian state that can defend itself

Even if Ukraine were to sign the toughest of all peace treaties, the threat of Russian aggression could resurface. It is therefore necessary to build a Ukrainian state that will be able to defend itself in the future: the words of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, excerpted from an interview he gave to Ukrainian media and downloaded from the website of the Ukrainian President was reported.

According to Zelenskyy, in the Istanbul negotiation process with Russia last spring, in the early phase of the war, his country rejected not only the non-existent application for ‘denazification’ but also the demilitarization demanded by Moscow: “We said that our army has to agree with what we have to be able to defend our state.” In fact, the Kiev leader continues, “we think that in a few years Russia could try again, even if we sign the strictest agreements”. However, Zelenskyy added that his country cannot constantly fight while other countries are developing: Ukraine needs precise guarantees for this. There must be a list of guarantee countries that must ensure that certain points are implemented.

“All of this will be discussed at an advisory level and with the leaders of France, the US, Turkey, the UK, Poland, Italy, Israel and many other friends who wish to attend. But so far – added Zelensky – we have not received an exact list of guarantees and a list of countries ready to follow us 100%”. “We do not need 40 countries of the world ready to unite and to fight for Ukraine on the basis of an agreement. We need serious actors, but ready for anything. We need a group of states ready to deliver any weapon within 24 hours. We need individual countries, from which a sanctions policy depends, so that the sanctions are worked out in depth in advance. So as soon as we suspect a threat from the Russian Federation, these countries unite and implement all (retaliatory measures) in three days, block everything. “If they offer us to join NATO from tomorrow and they don’t play with our lives again but they make a serious offer to join we will join but unfortunately that won’t happen ren and has not happened so far. To do this, we must build up those guarantees that protect us, protect people’s lives. We are still able to protect ourselves (…), but protecting all people is a more difficult task,” said Zelenskyy, repeating that both Crimea and Donbass are “Ukrainian territories”.

“I believe that all our people will be our great army,” added the Ukrainian leader, after whom his country may not become the “Switzerland of the future,” but certainly a “big Israel” with members of Ukraine and the National Guard in all institutional offices, in supermarkets and cinemas, that there will be armed people. I’m sure the security issue will be number one for the next ten years,” concludes Zelensky.

Urso (Mimit): Marshall plan for Kiev with goods corridor

“Marshall Plan for Kiev: Italy will be at the forefront. A corridor for goods”. So the Minister for Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso in an interview with ‘Il Messaggero’. “We thought about creating a logistics platform that would put Ukraine in land contact with the ports of northern Italy, particularly and not only Trieste and Venice,” he adds, explaining that investments will be made “in bridges, roads and railways”. .

Kiev, torture chamber discovered in Zaporizhia region

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said it had discovered a Russian torture chamber in the town of Vasylivka in the occupied part of Zaporizhia Krai. The Kiev Independent reports.

Air warning in the Kharkiv region

Airplane alert over Kharkiv region of Ukraine. This is what the media in Kiev are reporting.

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