Ukrainian general We are between the first and second Russian

Ukrainian general: “We are between the first and second Russian lines” Latest News

Ukrainian forces have broken through the first Russian defense line at Zaporizhzhia and are now facing Moscow’s second fortifications. This was stated by the commander of the Tavria Operational and Strategic Forces Group, Alexander Tarnavsky, in an interview with the Guardian.

According to Tarnavsky, Russia did not believe that the Kiev army would penetrate so deeply, so it spent 60% of its time and resources on building the first line of defense and only 20% each on the second and third lines of defense. “We are completing the destruction of enemy units covering the withdrawal of Russian troops behind their second line of defense,” the general added.

It took a lot of time for the Ukrainian forces, as a large minefield forced the Kiev sappers to work hard to find a clear path. Behind this outpost, Russian troops would “simply wait for the Ukrainian army” and shoot down vehicles with projectiles and drones, Tarnavsky said.

However, after the front line was crossed, Moscow was forced to move troops into the area from the front lines within occupied Ukraine, from Kherson and Lyman, but also from inside Russia.

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