USA, 27 year old killed by police at home: She called to defend herself against her ex

From video

Four shots were fired in just three seconds. A shocking video shows an agent Los Angeles Police Department for the death of Niani FinlaysonThe 27-year-old was killed in her home on December 4 after calling for help for a domestic violence incident. The video was captured by the body cameras of the officers who responded to the call and has only now been released, as has the call to 911. In the call, the young woman's voice can be heard shouting: “He doesn't want to leave my house, he won't leave me alone. I need the police immediately.” She was then heard screaming and repeatedly telling a man to leave her alone. When they entered the home, officers found it the woman with a knife in her hand.

The lawyer for the victim's family stated that the man who attacked Niani was him
ex boyfriend. The video instead shows the officers arriving at Finlayson's apartment.

The shocking video: what happened? The officers try to force entry, then the blue door opens: Finlayson is standing next to her 9-year-old daughter, who apparently wants to tell the officers that her mother's ex-boyfriend hurt her, probably “hit” or “pushed” her “. The little girl's voice was distorted by the police and therefore her words cannot be understood. Finlayson appears to be holding a kitchen knife in his hand and saying: “I'm going to stab him.” A female officer was the first to enter the house. Briefly Officer Shelton then entered, opened fire and fired four shots at Finlayson, killing the young woman instantly.

Protests and controversy over the death of Niani Finlayson The murder of the 27-year-old sparked numerous protests. Civil rights activists criticized police for failing to try to calm tensions and immediately using force against a battered woman who had asked for help. Last week, Finlayson's relatives filed a lawsuit against police and Los Angeles County.

Agent removed, investigation continues The officer who opened fire, Ty Shelton, has now been removed while the investigation continues. It is not the first time that the police officer has been involved in such a case. On June 11, 2020, an officer actually killed 61-year-old Michael Thomas under similar circumstances: he had responded to a call for domestic violence and the man's refusal to open the door, the man's partner said in the reconstruction shot in the chest and killed him.