Very disheartening Poilievre berated by pro Russians for supporting Ukraine

‘Very disheartening’: Poilievre berated by pro-Russians for supporting Ukraine

On the 1st anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Canadian political class took the opportunity to denounce Russian aggression, but some pro-Russians did not like the statement made by the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party.

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In the middle of Friday, Pierre Poilievre wanted to denounce Russia’s actions and the brutal war it had unleashed.

“One year ago today, Russian aggression took a devilish new form with the invasion of Ukraine. […] Canada must always defend freedom and democracy against tyrants,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The comments under the statement of the head of the official opposition did not go unnoticed.

Several supporters of the pro-Russian ideology have expressed dissatisfaction, arguing that NATO is responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine.

“Everything wrong about Ukraine from the beginning. Pierre Poilievre is a bad choice,” writes one user.

“NATO provoked the Russian invasion. Zelensky is more than corrupt. Pierre Poilievre is one of those globalists who act like the others [politiciens]’ says another netizen.

“It’s very disheartening,” says one lady who claims to “hate the Trudeau Liberals.”

Some of Pierre Poilievre’s supporters have even considered renouncing their membership in the Conservative Party.

Agence France-Presse reported in March 2022 that several Western conspiracy stars clung to Kremlin propaganda and its information warfare.