VIDEO Paolla Oliveira responds to criticism of her body and

VIDEO: Paolla Oliveira responds to criticism of her body and shows unfiltered photos

Written by MULHER on December 30, 2023 · 10:05 p.m

After actress Paolla Oliveira received multiple criticisms about her body during a rehearsal in Grande Rio, the school where she performs as Queen of Drums, she made a new video for it Counter negative comments and show your true body without taboos.

In the video, which is part of a Dove Brasil brand campaign Encourage people to use fewer filters who change their bodies, Paolla compares photos of themselves with and without editing.

First, the actress shows a photo in which she says: “That’s me.” He then questions the photo and shows another, to no effect, and says “No, that’s me.”

At the end of the video she sends a message to her followers: “No more constant filter use, my people. Let’s rediscover ourselves, rediscover ourselves, who we really are.”it says.

Paola too has signed a contract stating that he will not use filters or manipulate your photos and show your real body.

Watch the video:


On December 23, Paolla was the target of a barrage misogynistic and ageist criticism when she released a samba video during a rehearsal at the Grande Rio samba school, where she is queen of the drums. The actress was called “fat” and “old” by several men.

After the criticism, the actress published a first video in which she refuted the comments. In it she teaches a French toast recipe and at the end she even dips the sweet into hazelnut cream. In the comments, one netizen commented: “POV: Paola Oliveira is overweight. Paola: Responds to criticism by making French toast. ????????? That was a nice F0W4 for you who mess with other people's lives!” “.