Viih Tube opens the game and reveals an unexpected

Viih Tube opens the game and reveals an unexpected sexrelated tip that Ivete Sangalo shared with Eliezer: "Can’t…


The couple went looking for the singer just because Eliezer wanted to meet her, but the Bahian woman went further and dropped a hint about sex

Photo: Instagram/EliezerPhoto: Instagram/Eliezer

viih tube It is Eliezer prepare for arrival moon. The two are becoming parents for the first time and have been trying to take measures to help the Youtuber have a smooth pregnancy ever since. Evidence of this is that the couple has taken tips from friends and some famous people. Among the tips is an oddity: the duo received advice from Ivete Sangalowho brought him an intimate message Eliezerwhich states that the brother cannot have sexual intercourse with the beloved at a certain time.

The revelation was made during an interview with the couple for Extra newspaper. Eliezer revealed that the two were looking for Ivete because he always wanted to meet her: “cattle knows everyone in the artistic world. I never asked to meet anyone. But I asked Ivete. I told her to write, ‘My boyfriend really wants to meet you, doesn’t he?BBB.

> Photo: Instagram/Viih Tube

However, the desire to simply get to know the Bahian woman developed into a very unexpected conversation: “I thought we would take a picture and say goodbye. But she put us in the dressing room and gave us hours of advice, she was the most loving person in the world,” he said viih tube.

The Youtuber told about the tip with sex that Ivete passed on Eliezer: “Had a fun time,” she told the Eli: “My son, you can do nothing. Can’t get laid, no You have to know how to hold on there, that’s a man’s job at this moment. Damned! Will see Ivete Talking to you about postpartum sex is like achieving years of intimacy in five seconds, you know?

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