1703922747 War between Ukraine and Russia today39s news Heavy attack on

War between Ukraine and Russia, today's news. Heavy attack on Kherson. Moscow: One dead from Ukrainian rockets in Belgorod. Russia in Kiev: “Expect the worst news”

Rocket rain and Russian air strikes, over 30 dead in Ukraine. Navalny's opposition friend sentenced to 9 years in prison in Siberia. Kiev: 'The world must understand that we need more support to stop this terror' The EU with Borrell says it is 'ready to provide further military aid to Kiev in 2024', while Britain promises '200 anti-aircraft missiles immediately' . Biden: “Putin wants to wipe out Ukraine, he must be stopped.”

The war in Ukraine, what is there to know?

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Guterres: “The Russian attack is unacceptable”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations has strongly condemned the attack on Ukrainian cities that left at least 31 people dead and over 160 injured yesterday. “I strongly condemn Russia's large-scale nighttime attack. Russia's missiles and drones against Ukrainian cities across the country,” he wrote on X. “Attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure violate international humanitarian law, are unacceptable and must stop immediately. “

War between Ukraine and Russia today39s news Heavy attack on

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Kiev, 8 Russian warships in the Black Sea, including 3 rocket launchers

Eight Russian warships were on combat duty in the Black Sea this morning, including three rocket launchers with a salvo of up to 16 Kalibr cruise missiles, the Ukrainian Navy said on Facebook, Ukrinform reported. In addition, one Russian warship was spotted in the Sea of ​​Azov and three in the Mediterranean, including two missile launchers with up to 16 Kalibr missiles on board.


Attack in Kherson, 5 injured. The region was attacked 108 times last night

Five people were injured in the massive Russian attack on the Kherson region in southern Ukraine last night: the head of the regional military administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, announced this on Telegram, as Ukrinform reports. Russian troops attacked the region 108 times and fired 536 projectiles, Prokudin specified, emphasizing that the Moscow army used mortars, artillery, kamikaze drones, tanks, aircraft, ZU-23-2 autocannons and multiple launch rocket systems in the Kherson city launched. The attacks targeted residential areas of settlements in the Kherson region. A humanitarian aid headquarters was hit in Beryslav District, as well as critical infrastructure, a dormitory and an elevator maintenance company in Kherson.


Moscow, 32 Kiev drones were shot down over 4 Russian regions

32 Ukrainian drones were shot down over the Moscow, Bryansk, Kursk and Oryol regions during the night. This was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry, citing the Tass agency. There is currently no news of any victims.


Moscow: One dead from Kiev rockets on the Russian city of Belgorod

One person was killed and four others injured when Ukrainian forces fired rockets at the Russian city of Belgorod, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said yesterday evening, citing the Tass agency. A child and a woman were among the injured, the source stated on Telegram, adding that damage of various kinds was recorded in ten private residential buildings and two vehicles were also damaged. Shortly before, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that 13 missiles from the Kiev army had been destroyed by anti-aircraft fire over the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine to the south.


Russia in Kiev: “Expect the worst news”

Kiev's military plans have failed, leaving the Kiev regime and its Western patrons to face “the worst news” in the near future. This was stated by Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, at a meeting of the Security Council. This is what the Russian agency Ria Novosti writes. “The military plans of the Kiev regime have completely failed. So expect the worst news for you and your Ukrainian proxies in the near future, regardless of whether the new military and financial aid packages for Zelensky and his gang are approved in Washington or not.” “That will only delay his regime's torment, but not prevent it,” said Nebenzya.

The diplomat explained that the venture to resolve the Ukraine crisis on the battlefield had failed, defining military victory over Russia as an absolutely unattainable goal. The Permanent Representative also stressed that Ukraine does not have and will no longer have the resources to maintain the current situation and turn the conflict in its favor.


UN: “Russian attacks in Ukraine are horrific attacks”

The Russian attacks on Ukraine were “horrific” attacks. This was stated by UN Deputy Secretary-General Mohamed Khaled Khiari during the Security Council.

Russian raids on Ukraine, including Kiev, Odessa and other cities. Air alert across the country

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Kiev: Major Russian attack in Kherson in the evening

The Russians bombed the city of Kherson “on a large scale” in the evening after Ukraine suffered its worst attack since the start of the war this morning, leaving at least 30 dead. This was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing a Telegram post by the head of the Kherson regional military administration, Oleksandr Prokudin.

Odessa, the church is bombed during mass: the ceiling collapses and a priest is hit

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Defense decree on the supply of arms in the official gazette

The Official Gazette publishes the new decree of the Ministry of Defense authorizing the transfer of military vehicles, materials and equipment to the government authorities of Ukraine. The list of weapons is classified