quotwas healthyquot After questions from fans Juliette returns to speak

"was healthy"; After questions from fans, Juliette returns to speak about her grandmother’s death and reveals the cause of…


Juliette returns to speak out about her grandmother’s death and reveals cause of death: ‘She was healthy’

Photo: Instagram/JuliettePhoto: Instagram/Juliette

After many fans asked Julia which caused the death of the singer’s grandmother, the artist used social networks this Saturday (25) to give more details about the death. According to the celebrity, her grandmother suffered a heart attack and died. She also revealed that the elderly woman was very healthy and that the situation was quite unexpected from the family.

That’s what the singer said Mrs Maria She had a very active life: “I’m already at home, I’ve been more in my place these days as a daughter and granddaughter. I saw many people asking what was the cause of grandma’s death and she had a heart attack but she had no health problems. He was healthy, he exercised every day, danced, swam… In short, very healthy,” he explained.

> Photo: Instagram/Juliette

Julia He also said that the grandmother left the family with many lessons: “Heavenly Father called, everything happened very quickly, but she fulfilled her mission here and left very important things for the whole family. Integrity, honesty, strength mainly because the veinha was tough, it was strong and we will take that. Everything she left us, a little piece of her in everyone. I think the biggest lesson my grandmother taught me is optimism, despite all the circumstances she was there, optimistic, strong, didn’t give up. And I’ll take that strength and that courage with me until we meet again,” he said.

After commenting on the death of Mrs MariaShe was suffering from a viral disease, said the celebrity: “I had just come from Salvador’s carnival and had a lot to tell you. I was very euphoric, very happy, but unusually tired. Then one day I was resting, very nauseous, dizzy, blood pressure dropped…then Grandma’s thing happened the other day and I felt really bad and I thought it was emotional. But I didn’t stop feeling sick and the trip was terrible,” he lamented.