What does Universitario lack to sign a contract with Cesar

What does Universitario lack to sign a contract with César Farías and become the new coach?

César Farías would be the new coach of Universitario. The Venezuelan coach is becoming more and more vocal in Ate and although Jean Ferrari has not yet confirmed anything, his arrival would be a fact if certain details were not defined. Exactly, the cream fan is wondering what is still missing for the still to arrive DT by Águilas Doradas of Colombia. In this note we will tell you the details.

What does César Farías lack to become Universitario coach?

According to journalist Gustavo Peralta Cesar Farías He is negotiating his release clause directly with the Colombian team. Yes OK university He supported him in this matter, the Venezuelan strategist pushed the whole matter before the board, as they had agreed with the creams.

“César Farías directly manages the release clause of Águilas Doradas. Universitario also helps in this matter, but mainly the Venezuelan coach is making progress as agreed with the cream club. News is expected between today and tomorrow. The problem is that the owner of the Colombian club is not a person with whom it is easy to negotiate,” the communicator published on his X account.

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Information about César Farías as a university student. Photo capture

How many titles does César Farías have as a coach?

The experienced strategist began his career as a coach in 1993. At the professional level, Farías has two titles to his name. The first of these was in the 2016-2017 season when he directed The strongest from Bolivia and went down in the history of the club by presenting it with the first trophy in its history. He won the second title in the 2021-2022 season when he took the lead Aucas from Ecuador.

What did Jean Ferrari say about the arrival of the new DT?

“It's very close, if not already closed. We are in the final part of the negotiations, but of course I don't want to push anything forward because in football nothing is closed until the document is signed (…) He didn't train in Peru, that's the only thing I can tell you. No nationality. He won in several places,” Jean Ferrari told broadcaster Coki Gonzáles.