William Bonner denies fake news that died on the Jornal Nacional stage

Sao Paulo

William Bonner, editorinchief and presenter of Jornal Nacional, took advantage of space on his personal Instagram account this Friday to dispute information that he had died.

The journalist broadcast live on Globo’s studio stage profile a few minutes before the start of the newscast. In the video, he scoffed at misinformation.

“I’m going live now, I’m going to the Jornal Nacional set to present this issue. I figured it might be the case to do a live because a colleague of ours came over to tell me he’d received a message from his daughter, upset, sad, and said ‘how sad yes dad Bonner died,'” he began.

Shortly thereafter, Bonner explained that the friend had explained to his daughter that he had lunch with the journalist so that the moderator was not dead.

Bonner also commented on the false claim that he was admitted to a hospital shortly before the claim related to his untimely death at the age of 59.

“I’m very sorry to disappoint those who campaigned for this, it didn’t happen, no. I feel good. I’ll even do Jornal Nacional now,” said Bonner.