Women drivers 5 things to check in the car before

Women drivers: 5 things to check in the car before driving Notice Contests Brazil

Vehicle testing is an essential procedure to ensure the safety and proper functioning of a vehicle. Especially before longer journeys, the driver is recommended to have the car completely overhauled in order to identify any mechanical or driving problems. Additionally, creating a musthave list is one way to ensure that everything goes as planned on the trip.

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What to check before traveling in the car

1. Brakes: Check the brake pads and discs to ensure they are in good condition and not worn.

2. Suspension: The suspension is checked to ensure the springs and dampers are working properly and there are no signs of excessive wear. Also check that the direction is not misaligned.

3. Tires: Tires are checked for pressure, wear and tread depth to ensure they stay within legal limits. Also identify any cuts, blisters or damage to the tire.

4. Engine: The engine requires a quick overhaul, including checking the oil and coolant levels and changing the engine oil if necessary.

4. Electrical System: Battery and alternator must be checked as well as headlights, brake lights and signal lights.

5. Liquids: All vehicle fluids including oil, brake fluid, coolant and transmission fluid must be checked to prevent leaks.

And don’t forget the article checklist

Make sure everything you need, personal hygiene items and clothing, is in your suitcase along with medication and healthy food. Don’t forget the charger and essential apps and save the trip to your phone.

Find out about the location, best routes, weather before you ride and save contact with trusted people, notify them if you need to run alone and prioritize breaks.