Zelensky: "The death toll from yesterday's Russian raids rises to 39". LIVE

Russia could launch more major airstrikes against Ukraine like the one that killed at least 32 people yesterday, the largest missile and drone ambush since the start of the war. This is supported by American military analysts in the report published daily by the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

“Russia will continue to conduct large-scale attacks against Ukraine to weaken Ukrainian morale and undermine the country's ability to support the war effort against Russia,” it said. However, according to analysts, after almost two years of war, Moscow is unlikely to be able to regularly launch large-scale missile strikes due to Russia's reserves and production capabilities, while it will be possible to do so using drones.

According to Kyiv officials, the Russian army fired nearly 160 rockets, cruise missiles and drones of various types against Ukraine yesterday. More than 30 people were killed and around 160 injured in various regions of the country. According to the ISW, the Russians have been experimenting for months with various combinations of drones and missiles to attack weak points in the Ukrainian air defense system.