01net tomorrow 40 years of Mac the DAS among smartphones

01net tomorrow: 40 years of Mac, the DAS among smartphones, relying on good digital hygiene

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Things to remember in the news

And you, which Mac will always be in your heart? To celebrate the Mac's 40th anniversary, we're taking a look at 10 iconic Macs, for better and for worse!

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Smartphone manufacturers are obliged to indicate the SAR value or the specific absorption rate of their devices. What is it, how is the SAR calculated and most importantly: which models emit the most radiation? Gabriel takes stock.

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AirDrop is the ultra-simple file transfer system developed by Apple. But there are other solutions that are not just limited to sharing between iOS devices! Geoffrey offers you three effective and free apps and services, compatible with iOS and Android.

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Computer security cannot be taken lightly. Florian lists a number of good resolutions you should make to protect yourself from attacks and implement foolproof digital hygiene.

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The video of the day

ChatGPT helped a Japanese author who won a prestigious literary award. Which is not without controversy… Maeva has the details.

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