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Gabriel Garcia Marquez wanted to destroy his last novel It39s

Gabriel García Márquez wanted to destroy his last novel. It's about to be released.

Towards the end of his life, with his memory destroyed, Gabriel García Márquez struggled to complete a novel about the secret sex life of a middle-aged married woman. He tried at least five versions and tinkered with the text for years, shortening sentences, scribbling in the margins, changing adjectives and dictating notes to his assistant. Finally he gave up and issued a final, damning verdict.

“He told me directly that the novel had to be destroyed,” said Gonzalo García Barcha, the author’s younger son.

When García Márquez died in 2014, several drafts, notes, and chapter fragments of the novel were preserved in his archives at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The story remained there, spread across 769 pages, largely unread and forgotten – until García Márquez's sons decided to defy their father's wishes.

Now, a decade after his death, his final novel, Until August, will be released this month and will be published in nearly 30 countries worldwide. The story focuses on a woman named Ana Magdalena Bach, who travels to a Caribbean island every August to visit her mother's grave. On these dark pilgrimages, briefly freed from her husband and family, she always finds a new lover.

The novel adds an unexpected coda to the life and work of García Márquez, a literary giant and Nobel Prize winner, and is likely to raise questions about how estates and publishers should handle posthumous publications that contradict a writer's instructions.

Literary history is littered with examples of famous works that would not have existed if executors and heirs had not ignored the authors' wishes.

According to classical tradition, on his deathbed the poet Virgil demanded that the manuscript of his epic poem “The Aeneid” be destroyed. When Franz Kafka became seriously ill with tuberculosis, he instructed his friend and executor Max Brod to burn his entire work. Brod betrayed him and delivered surrealist masterpieces such as The Trial, The Castle and America. Vladimir Nabokov ordered his family to destroy his last novel, The Original Laura, but more than 30 years after the author's death, his son published the unfinished text that Nabokov had sketched on index cards.

In some posthumous works, the author's intentions for the text were unclear, leading scholars and readers to question how complete it was and how much leeway the editors gave themselves with the manuscript. Occasionally, estates and heirs are criticized for damaging an author's legacy by publishing inferior or unfinished works in order to squeeze every last bit of intellectual property out of a literary brand name.

For García Márquez's sons, the question of what to do with “Until August” was complicated by their father's conflicting assessments. He worked intensively on the manuscript for a while and eventually sent a draft to his literary agent. It wasn't until he suffered severe memory loss due to dementia that he decided it wasn't good enough.

By 2012, he could no longer recognize even close friends and family – one of the few exceptions was his wife, Mercedes Barcha, his sons said. He found it difficult to continue a conversation. Occasionally he would pick up one of his books and read it without recognizing the prose as his own.

He confessed to his family that he felt helpless as an artist without his memory, which was his primary source material. Without memory, “there is nothing,” he told them. In this broken state, he began to doubt the quality of his novel.

“Gabo lost the ability to judge the book,” said Rodrigo García, the eldest of his two sons. “He probably wasn’t even able to follow the plot anymore.”

When his sons reread “Until August” years after his death, they felt that García Márquez may have judged himself too harshly. “It was a lot better than we remembered,” García said.

His sons admit that the book is not one of García Márquez's masterpieces and fear that some might dismiss its publication as a cynical attempt to make more money from their father's inheritance.

“We were obviously afraid of being seen as just greedy,” García said.

In contrast to his sprawling, lush works of magical realism — epics like “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” which sold some 50 million copies — “Until August” is modest in scope. The English language edition, published March 12th and translated by Anne McLean, is only 107 pages long.

The brothers argue that it is a valuable addition to García Márquez's oeuvre, also because it reveals a new side of him. For the first time, he focused a narrative on a female protagonist and told an intimate story about a woman in her late 40s who, after almost 30 years of marriage, begins to seek freedom and self-realization through illicit romantic relationships.

Still, some readers and critics may question her decision to publish a work that García Márquez himself considered incomplete, perhaps adding a disappointing footnote to a tremendous legacy.

In his native Colombia, where García Márquez's face appears on the currency and anticipation for the book is high, many in literary circles are excited about anything new from García Márquez, no matter how unpolished it may be. Still, some are concerned about the way the novel is being sold.

“They are not offering it to you as a manuscript, as an unfinished work, they are offering you the last novel by García Márquez,” said Colombian writer and journalist Juan Mosquera. “I don’t believe in the greatness we give him. I think it is what it is – a great commercial moment for the García Márquez signature and brand.”

Colombian writer Héctor Abad said he was initially skeptical about the publication but changed his mind when he read an advance copy.

“I was afraid that it might be an act of commercial opportunism, and no, the opposite is true,” Abad, who will appear at an event celebrating the novel in Barcelona, ​​said in an email. “All the virtues that made the best García Márquez great are also present here.”

There is no doubt that at some point García Márquez felt that the novel was worth publishing. In 1999 he read passages at a public appearance with the writer José Saramago in Madrid. Excerpts from the story were later published in Spain's leading newspaper, El País, and the New Yorker. He put the project aside to finish his memoirs and published another novel, Memories of My Melancholy Whores, which received mixed reviews. In 2003 he began working intensively on it again and a year later he sent the manuscript to his agent, the late Carmen Balcells.

In the summer of 2010, Balcells called Cristóbal Pera, an editor who had worked with García Márquez on his memoirs. She said that García Márquez, who was then in his 80s, was trying to finish a novel and asked Pera to help him. García Márquez was very reserved about his work in progress, but a few months later he allowed Pera to read a few chapters of the novel and seemed enthusiastic about it, Pera recalled. About a year later, as his memory failed, the author struggled to understand the narrative but continued to make notes in the margins of the manuscript.

“It was therapeutic for him because he was still able to do something with pen and paper,” Pera said. “But he didn’t want to finish.”

When Pera gently urged García Márquez to publish the book, the author was strongly against it. “He said, at this point in my life, I don’t need to publish anything anymore,” Pera recalls.

After his death at age 87, various versions of “Until August” were preserved in the Ransom Center archives.

Two years ago, García Márquez's sons decided to revisit the text. The novel is messy in places, with some contradictions and repetitions, they said, but it feels complete, if unpolished. There were flashes of his lyricism, like a scene in which Ana, about to confess her infidelity at her mother's grave, “balls her heart into a fist.”

When the brothers decided to publish the novel, they were faced with a conundrum. García Márquez had left at least five versions in various stages of completion. But he gave a hint as to which one he preferred.

“One of the folders he kept had 'Gran OK final' written on the front,” García Barcha said.

“That was before he decided it wasn’t okay at all,” his brother added.

When they asked Pera to edit the novel last year, he began work on the July 2004 fifth version – the version labeled “Gran OK final.” He also relied on other versions and on a digital document compiled by García Márquez's assistant, Mónica Alonso, with various annotations and changes that the author wanted to make. Pera was often confronted with competing versions of a sentence or phrase—one typed, one handwritten in the margins.

Pera attempted to correct inconsistencies and contradictions, such as the protagonist's age – García Márquez varied as to whether she was middle-aged or elderly – and the presence or absence of a mustache on one of her lovers.

To create the most coherent version possible, Pera and the brothers established a rule: They would not add a single word that did not come from García Márquez's notes or other versions, they said.

As for the fate of all of García Márquez's other unpublished works, his sons say it is not a problem: there is nothing else. Throughout his life, García Márquez regularly destroyed older versions of published books and unfinished manuscripts because he did not want them to be subject to later scrutiny.

That was one of the reasons they decided to release “Until August,” they said.

“When this book comes out, we will publish all of Gabo’s works,” García Barcha said. “There’s nothing else in the drawer.”

Genevieve Glatsky contributed reporting from Bogota.

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Hannah Gutierrez Reed the gunsmith from the film Rust is.webp

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the gunsmith from the film “Rust,” is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

(CNN) – Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the gunsmith from the film “Rust,” was found guilty Wednesday of involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering in a New Mexico trial related to the fatal 2021 on-set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins acquitted that she was killed by a live round of ammunition fired from a prop gun owned by actor Alec Baldwin.

Gutierrez Reed, who was responsible for security and firearms storage on the film's set, was acquitted of a separate charge of tampering with evidence that was brought after prosecutors alleged she was following a police interview with another person that day a “small bag of cocaine” handed over to the shootout.

The involuntary manslaughter charge carries a prison sentence of up to 18 months and a $5,000 fine.

News in development…

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At the Torino Film Festival the new director Giulio Base

At the Torino Film Festival, the new director Giulio Base presents the guidelines of “his” TFF

The 42nd edition of the Turin Festival, the first under the direction of the newly elected Giulio Base, will take place from November 22nd to 30th, 2024. Here are the new director's desired ideas and innovations for the TFF.

The location chosen for the presentation to the press new Turin Film Festivalwhat he will see Giulio base The director, who replaced outgoing director Steve Della Casa, expressed legitimate irony.
It was actually about that Villa Miania neoclassical structure on the summit of Monte Mario that the richest Romans rent for birthday parties, weddings and graduations, but which is also – and above all – widely known (including ad hoc coverage on Google Maps). Villa Serbelloni Mazzanti ViendalmareThe scene of some legendary and much-quoted scenes Second tragic Fantozzi: the one with Ivan the Terrible 32nd, the burning tomato, the Flic and Floc with the cardinal.
The one in which the accountant Ugo asks the director Conte Corrado Maria Lobbiam during the very elegant dinner: “How am I?” and he growls: “Bad of God!”.

Notwithstanding this indirect legacy, the General Staff of the Cinema Museum (the President Enzo Ghigo and the director Domenico De Gaetano) and the new director Giulio base they exhibited the guidelines of the 42nd edition of the TFF, a festival where – as De Gaetano himself pointed out – many directors have come and gone in recent years. Here's to the long season of Emmanuela Martini (including those of the directors-directors, from Moretti To Virzi go through Amelio) have actually followed those that are significantly less long-lived than Stefano Francia from Celle And Steve Della CasaBoth are only in office for two years.
Ghigo evoked the idea “A young festival for young people, cinephiles, that continues in the direction of bringing cinemas closer to as many viewers as possible”while De Gaetano emphasized that it is the director who, while respecting the identity of an event, “introduces his personality and his ideas”.
What are Giulio Base's ideas for the new TFF?
“The TFF must remain cinephile and authoritarian and consist of free-spirited, original, fresh, independent and biting films.”said Base. “The most important guideline is that of the origins of the festival, the spirit of the times: cinema is still young because film art is still young.”
Base “doesn’t want to turn everything upside down, but rather propose innovations and improvements.”
In indirect controversy with the radio openings of recent years, expects “charming openings, with the screening of a film of great appeal, perhaps as a world premiere, and in the presence of national and international cinema stars”.
The opening of TFF 42, which will take place on November 22nd, will take place at the Teatro Regio, known as the Salon of Turin Culture.

For Base, “the high quality of the films and their user-friendliness” will be fundamental and speaks of “a program that will be clear and flexible” and “a welcoming and carefree festival”.which will reduce the total number of titles from over 180 in recent years to a maximum of 120.
These 120 titles are divided into the different sections and thus streamlined by Base. There will be four competition stages: the classic Feature film competition from 16 films; The Documentary Film Competition which will include both national and international titles, again with 16 titles; A Short film competition from 24 titles; a section with a public award called “Zibaldone“with 24 titles, intended as a “free and heterogeneous space” for audiovisual media outside the format.
There will be sixteen titles out of competitionand twenty-four those of the announced Retrospective on Marlon Brandowhich comes in the 100th birthday year of the man who, as Base recalled, was “the man who changed acting forever from his first appearance on Broadway.”

Obviously convinced of his possibilities, Base emphasized that he wanted the films in the main competition to all be “world or international premieres”: an ambitious and perhaps not essential goal in a festival like the one in Turin that may be pursued with a certain elasticity. .
To support basic The selection will involve six consultants, all of whom the director wanted to be very young, between around twenty and thirty years old: Davide Abbatescianni, Martina Barone, Ludovico Cantisani, Elvira Del Guercio, Veronica Orciari and Davide Stanzione.

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Married at First Sight 2024 Sara Mesa reveals new details

Married at First Sight 2024: Sara Mesa reveals new details about Jack Dunkley's 'bottom grab' at the gym…as the supervillain tells his side of the story

Married at First Sight bride Sara Mesa has revealed new details about her co-star Jack Dunkley's “uncomfortable” butt grab at the gym.

The 29-year-old bride recently shocked her co-stars when she revealed the incident with 34-year-old Jack.

“Tim and I went to the spa and as I was walking away he kind of patted me on the butt, but I was like, 'Was that intentional?'” she said on the show.

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie “O” Show Thursday morning in a joint interview with the show's supervillain, Sara, 29, said she initially believed it was an accident.

She also claimed she told her husband Tim Calwell, 29, straight away.

Married at First Sight bride Sara Mesa has revealed new details about her co-star Jack Dunkley's

Married at First Sight bride Sara Mesa has revealed new details about her co-star Jack Dunkley's “uncomfortable” butt grab at the gym during a joint interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show

She said Tim didn't initially stand up for her, which led the bride to believe she couldn't openly address the incident.

“My husband didn't stand up for me the whole time, so I felt like I couldn't comment on any of it, so I didn't bring it up,” she told Jack as he sat across from her in the interview.

The incident allegedly occurred in a hallway at the MAFS contestants' accommodation, Sky Suites.

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie “O” Show Thursday morning in a joint interview with the show's supervillain, Sara, 29, said she initially thought it was an accident

Speaking to Chron Australia on Thursday, Jack explained his side of the story, claiming she merely touched Sara “on the back”.

He said the incident occurred while he was helping his co-star and fellow bride, Andrea, move some things into her apartment.

“I had just helped Andrea move about twelve potted plants into her room,” he explained.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, Jack explained his side of the story, claiming she merely touched Sara on the

Speaking to Chron Australia on Thursday, Jack explained his side of the story, claiming she merely touched Sara on the “cross”.

“I'm going back to my apartment.” I say “G'Day” to Tim, we do a buddy high five, and then of course Sarah was there.

“I kind of shuffled past Tim and Sarah, and I think I put my hand on her back when I said 'G'Day'… and apparently that's where she came from with the accusation.”

Sara told the radio hosts she was made aware that Jack had been walking around describing the bride as the “hottest woman on the show”.

Thanks to his controversial antics and comments, Jack has become this season's supervillain

Thanks to his controversial antics and comments, Jack has become this season's supervillain

Married at First Sight, Australia, Tim Calwell

Married at First Sight 2024: Sara Mesa reveals new details about Jack Dunkley's 'bottom grab' at the gym…as the supervillain tells his side of the story Read More »

While on vacation in the USA Ana Maria Braga said

While on vacation in the USA, Ana Maria Braga said that the streets smelled of marijuana

with Estadão Conteúdo, From the Editori with Estadão Conteúdo, From the Editor https://istoe.com.br/autor/daredacao/

June 3, 2024 9:46 p.m

On vacation in the USA, Ana Maria Braga He used his time in New York to visit the Globo studios in the city. The presenter took part in GloboNews Mais in the afternoon of this Wednesday the 6th and talked about the use of marijuana in the country. “I traveled to the West Coast and then came to the East Coast, and the only persistent smell I detected from there to here was marijuana,” he said alongside the journalist Guga chakra.

There is no national regulation of marijuana use in the United States. Each state has a regulation that varies from punishment to legalization, with 23 of the 50 states deeming weed consumption, cultivation, and regulation of the trade legal.

“Here in New York I expected the smell of burnt chestnuts… (…) There are no sidewalks, no places, no shops, nothing. The shop door opens and the smell of marijuana comes in,” Ana Maria said. “Here you see more people smoking marijuana than cigarettes,” Guga commented.

“It is a smell that commands. Don't you feel a little dizzy?” she asked the Globo News commentator. “I don't do well with marijuana, I'm not a user, I smoked for many years,” the presenter added.

Ana Maria Braga speaks out of nowhere about marijuana on GloboNews. pic.twitter.com/6C0amgHjjJ

— Sérgio Santos (@ZAMENZA) March 6, 2024

follow her That is At the Google News and receive notifications about the most important news

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1700392358 Hugo Pop Travel that distorts youth The press

Tough Monday, tough on morale

If you watch “5. Rank,” “Witches,” “Reasonable Doubt,” and “Alarms,” there is a good chance that a psychiatrist will diagnose you with adjustment disorder with anxiety-depressive mood.

Published at 7:30 p.m.


No light therapy lamp will free you from this fictional darkness. No pharmaceutical pill will fill your serotonin banks. You're wasting your breath. Farewell, joy of life and lightheartedness.

Do not get me wrong. Taken individually, these four Quebec series deliver by enveloping us in big, bloody drama. But taken together, it's a fatal sequence for morale.

I repeated the experience of watching four shows in a row this week and quickly reached my quota of survivalist terrorists in Prévost, in the Laurentians, and mafia traffickers of human organs on a farm in Montérégie.

Completely engrossed in Radio-Canada's “Reasonable Doubt” (we'll talk about its traumatic finale soon), I checked in with TVA Alerts, which recently concluded a particularly dark conspiracy, that of a 12-year-old teenager named Alice. Tanguay (Juliette Aubé was radicalized by her conspiratorial father-in-law Pat Lamarre (Pierre-Paul Alain) and then turned into a human bomb. With a dynamite belt and detonator, yes, ma'am.

Tough Monday tough on morale


Warnings recently concluded a particularly unclear conspiracy.

The SQ's Cerbère force laid sky and sewer pipes to locate Alice, who forced her grandmother Lucie (Marie-Chantal Perron) to compete in Mini-Miss pageants, a big reminder of JonBenét Ramsay here.

Alice was indoctrinated and trained to be a child martyr by former soldier Pat Lamarre. She spoke like the disciplines of Anatole Dufresne (Martin Drainville) in The Breakaway, who hated the manipulative government and the fucking pigs (read: the police).

The little mercenary Alice waited in an energy research center north of Montreal for the “Day of Light” when she was supposed to blow herself up. Hard, you say? Metal, yes.

Alice's rescue ended in a shootout, with Captain Stéphanie Duquette (Sophie Prégent) firing a bullet into the head in a heroic gesture to protect the sixth-grader. After a week in a coma, the future doesn't look particularly “wow” for our brave Captain Duquette, who has been a mainstay of the TVA soap opera since its launch in February 2021.

I'm all about the new investigation into the Cerberus unit with slightly less dark undertones. SQ investigators investigate to find out how a contestant on the popular reality show Love-moi, favorite influencer Justin Calixte (Samuel Gauthier), may have died live during prime time.

Vegan, sporty, positive and supposedly sober, the handsome Justin collapsed in the living room of the mansion, seized with cramps, as he prepared to win this fifth edition of Love-moi in front of his great rival, the beautician Corinne (Jeanne). Roux-Côté).

In a turn of events similar to the fiasco of the toxic amigos of Double Occupation, the producer of Love-moi, Virginie Dumontier (Elizabeth Duperré), vapes and condoms: the sponsors are fleeing, the social networks are on fire and it is still necessary to deliver despite the Death of the star participant a show for the station.

Opioids were found in Justin Calixte's vitamin bottle. And the list of suspects in this possible murder is not endless, because in the real TV adventure there are only four candidates left: the social work student Florence (Naïla Louidort), the nurse Louis (Patrick-Emmanuel Abellard), the ex-child actor Thomas ( Alexandre Bacon) and Corinne, the shady beautician on the run.

I want this Love Me story to never end, thank you. Apparently I would rather watch Love Me than Love Island.

On the witch side, the authors happily delve into the cauldron of traumas of the three half-sisters who grew up in the sect of the Kingdom of the Triple Goddess in Sainte-Piété. What seemed like an ordinary hippie commune becomes a museum of horror, complete with a sweat tent, torture chamber, and sterilization equipment worthy of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Medical aid in dying for the good Camil (Roger La Rue), anorexia of an 11-year-old child (poor Alistair!) and murder of a baby disguised as a missing person (the presenter Alain Leclerc will pay for it!), this is anything but that Festival of merriment in Sainte-Piété.

On the positive side, the strange postman Fred (Maxime Genois), who also works at night as a janitor at the hospital, has one more thing: he paints works of art, huge murals inspired by the collage technique. Some people have all the talents, that's unfair. The exciting pickleball matches between teenager Charlotte (Maé Jenkins) and her mysterious companion Christian (Thomas Vallières) continue, there is still hope.

There is also still hope for the leader Pascal Faubert (Antoine Durand) in 5e, who was almost beaten to death with brass knuckles by the Valmont Mafia.

In the episode broadcast on Monday evening, Pascal Faubert began to breathe on his own. Wonder ! We agree that the famous restaurant Le Tourneur would not have survived the death of its founder.

The death of Pascal Faubert would also have torpedoed the tantalizing connection between Fou de Food (or the Goulet farm?) and the multinational Fresh & Family, which occupies all of Marie-Louise's (Martine Francke) mental space.

Valmont survived the Russian underworld, the Italian mafia and serial killer Marc Trempe (Marc Béland), but Fresh & Family's withdrawal, oh no, that just wouldn't have caught on in the village. We're bringing the excitement where it comes from, friends. And we keep our morale high despite this gray Monday.

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Insolvency of Juste pour Rire The affected comedians39 tours will

Insolvency of Juste pour Rire: The affected comedians' tours will not be canceled

Just for Laughs' bankruptcy announcement Tuesday surprised many people, including several comedians who had tours produced by the company. After hours of confusion, the comedians affected by the decision said their tours would be maintained, contrary to the initial announcement.

• Also read: Crisis at Just for Laughs: ComediHa! ready to help

• Also read: Just for Laughs is seeking protection from its creditors

• Also read: Just for Laughs bankruptcy: “We learned it at the same time as everyone else,” says Minister Mathieu Lacombe

“It's not Eve Côté who's bankrupt, it's Just for Laughs,” the comedian wrote on Instagram. My show is going well, we are on our way to 100,000 tickets sold, thanks to you! Give me 48 hours and I’ll get back to you with good news.”

“My tour remains in place, both for the shows already announced and for others that will be added,” wrote Louis T. […] We are resuming tour production. I’m a producer now!”

“We’re not sounding the death knell for my tour yet. A boy like no other! said Jean-Sébastien Girard. My extraordinary agency is currently evaluating how we can produce the show ourselves.”

Comedian Neev, whose media premieres were scheduled for March 12 (Quebec) and March 26 (Montreal), also wrote on social media that nothing had changed for his tour. The same goes for Mélanie Couture, who will launch her model in the coming months.

  • Listen to the column on culture and society with Jean-François Baril and Sophie Durocher QUB :

Waitress in the waiting line

As for the musical “Waitress,” no official decision has been made yet for the show, which is scheduled to be performed in Montreal on June 22 and in Quebec in August. We hope a new producer takes over.

Contacted by Le Journal, the fascinator Messmer confirmed that his tour of Quebec planned for the fall was not affected by this news. No decision has yet been made regarding the two performances scheduled during the festival in July. “We’re waiting to hear more,” he said.

Jay Du Temple's team, which planned to present five shows at five different locations at Just for Laughs, did not confirm to the Journal whether the performances would be canceled or not.

Insolvency of Juste pour Rire: The affected comedians' tours will not be canceled Read More »

1709773778 Kristen Stewart39s new film restores her top Rotten Tomatoes streak

Kristen Stewart's new film restores her top Rotten Tomatoes streak after the 2024 Blip


  • Kristen Stewart's latest film, Love Lies Bleeding, received a 91% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, confirming her status as “fresh.”
  • Stewart's “Fresh” streak on Rotten Tomatoes was interrupted by the less well-received album “Love Me,” but “Love Lies Bleeding” got her back on track.
  • Stewart's 2020-2022 Fresh streak was the best of her career, as it was the first time she saw three films in a row with a score above 80%.

Kristen Stewart's new film Love lies bleeding is Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer, restoring her Fresh status after her previous 2024 film broke the Rotten Tomatoes career-best streak. Set in the 1980s, “Love Lies Bleeding” is an A24 romantic crime thriller about Lou (Stewart), a gym manager with family criminal ties, who falls in love with an aspiring bodybuilder named Jackie (Katy O' Brian) in love. “Love Lies Bleeding” is directed by Rose Glass, who co-wrote the screenplay with Weronika Tofilska. Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2024 Love Lies Bleeding's reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

“Love Lies Bleeding” debuted with a 91% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes (via Rotten Tomatoes), joining 2014’s “Clouds of Sils Maria” as Stewart’s third-highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes . After its US theatrical release on March 8, 2024, the film score may appear on the Tomatometer varies as more critics review it, but at the time of writing Love Lies Bleeding remains Certified Fresh. This score brings Stewart is back on the “Fresh” path after her first “Rotten” film in four years upset the Rotten Tomatoes hit series.

Love Lies Bleeding hits theaters on March 8, 2024.

Kristen Stewart and Katy M. O'Brian in Love Lies Bleeding “Love Lies Bleeding” is a genre comeback from Kristen Stewart that’s been 22 years in the making. Directed by Rose Glass (Saint Maud), 2024's Love Lies Bleeding marks a definitive genre comeback from Kristen Stewart, 22 years in the making.

“Love Lies Bleeding” brings Kristen Stewart’s Rotten Tomatoes scores back on track after “Love Me.”

Stewart had the best RT series of her career before its Sundance release.

The day before “Love Lies Bleeding” premiered at Sundance, Stewart's other film, “Love Me,” made its debut at the festival, but received a much worse critical reception. Directed by Sam and Andy Zuchero, their feature film debuts, Love Me is a post-apocalyptic romance film starring Steven Yeun opposite Stewart. Since its Sundance premiere on January 19th Love Me has a score of 48% on the Tomatometer at the time of writing, aggregated from 48 reviews from critics. Unfortunately, this Rotten score wiped out Rotten Tomatoes' record-breaking streak for Stewart in 2020-2022.

Before you love me, Stewart starred in three consecutive Fresh films, all of which scored above 80% on the Tomatometer for the first time in her career. After “Underwater” was deemed “rotten” by critics in 2020, Stewart launched a “Fresh” series later that year with the holiday romance “Happiest Season,” which has an 82% critic score. The following year, the historical drama Spencer, in which Stewart played Princess Diana, scored 83% on the Tomatometer. Stewart kept this “fresh” Trending with David Cronenberg's sci-fi horror Crimes of the Future in 2022, which has a score of 80% on the Tomatometer.

Kristen Stewart's 2020-2024 Rotten Tomatoes Scores


Film title


Critics Rating (Tomatometer)

Audience rating



William Eubank



Happiest season

Clea DuVall





Pablo Larrain




Crimes of the future

David Cronenberg




Love me

Sam & Andy Zuchero



Love lies bleeding

Rose glass



Stewart received her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her role as Princess Diana in Spencer.

In her 23 year career Stewart has only seen two others “Fresh” series with three films. The most recent was in 2016, when three of her four films that year were rated “Fresh” on the Tomatometer. Two years earlier, all three of Stewart's 2014 films were also considered “Fresh” from critics. However, one in three films scored in the 70th percentile in both streaks, meaning Stewart's 2020-2022 Fresh streak was the best of her career. This record high was ruined by Love Me received a score of 48%, but fortunately Stewart quickly recovered when Love Lies Bleeding debuted a few days later with a 91%.

Kristen Stewart's previous “Fresh” streaks from three films


Film title


Critics Rating (Tomatometer)

Audience rating


Camp x-ray

Peter Sattler



Still Alice

Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland



Clouds from Sils Maria

Olivier Assayas




Personal shopper

Olivier Assayas



Certain women

Kelly Reichardt



Café society

Woody Allen



Kristen-Stewart-as-Maureen-in-Personal-Shopper-&-Kristen-Stewart-as-Princess-Diana-in-Spencer Related Kristen Stewart's 10 Best Movies, Ranked Kristen Stewart has come a long way since the Twilight films and has had numerous award-winning performances.

Why love lies: Bleeding's Rotten Tomatoes score is so high

What critics are saying about Kristen Stewart's new film.

Lou (Kristen Stewart) looks alarmed while covered in blood in Love Lies Bleeding.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, critics of “Love Lies Bleeding” agree that “Lust and violence collide to powerfully pulpy effect in “Love Lies Bleeding,” a well-acted addition to writer-director Rose Glass's growing body of exceptional work.” This seems to accurately reflect what most critics think of the sultry, bloodthirsty thriller Many praise Love Lies Bleeding's uncompromising commitment to evoking a combination of shock, disgust and intrigue in its audience through its graphically violent and bloody twists.

It also sounds like Love Lies Bleeding is making strides in the romance/action/thriller department.

Many critics emphasize how “heart-pounding” and “infectious” it is, suggesting this The fast pace and high energy of Love Lies Bleeding are major highlights. As Entertainment Weekly's Devan Coggan put it, Love Lies Bleeding is “a brutal, bloody and confusing ride.” This opinion is shared by other critics who, like Coggan, still had a “fun” despite the cinematic carsickness.

It also sounds like Love Lies Bleeding is making strides in the romance/action/thriller realm, with some critics calling it “genre-bending.” GQ's Esther Zuckerman described “Love Lies Bleeding” as “a lurid affair with tons of gore that feels like an homage to the pulpy thrillers of yore,” while Slant Magazine's Pat Brown described it as “an ode to treachery but ultimate value.” “romantic love”. Ultimately, Critics seem impressed by Glass's boldness and ambitionand I can't wait to watch the talented filmmaker continue on this provocative path.

Kristen Stewart's Rotten Tomatoes score shows how far she's come since Twilight

Stewart's career has been very different since she left Bella Swan behind.

Including Love lies bleeding which gave Stewart one of the highest Tomatometer ratings of her career, Stewart's Rotten Tomatoes scores over the past few years show how much her choice of roles has improved since her Twilight days. Stewart rose to fame for her role as Bella Swan in the 2008 film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance novel Twilight, along with its four sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Breaking Dawn Part 2″. The films were significantly more popular. However, they were better received by audiences than by critics, as all five Twilight films were rated “Rotten” on the Tomatometer.

Critical reviews of Stewart's films have certainly improved on average since the Twilight era, proving that her career has come a long way.

Nevertheless, Twilight made Stewart famous, which led to many more film roles. Unfortunately, Most of her films during the Twilight era (2008-2012) turned out to be rotten. 2011's “Welcome to the Rileys” sits at 54% on the Tomatometer, while their other two non-Breaking Dawn Part 2 films from 2012 – “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “On the Road” – respectively are in the 40th percentile. While her Tomatometer status hasn't necessarily always been “Fresh” in recent years, the critical reviews of Stewart's films have certainly improved on average since the Twilight era, proving that her career has come a long way.

Kristen Stewart's Rotten films during the Twilight era (2008-2012)


Film title


Critics Rating (Tomatometer)

Audience rating



Catherine Hardwicke




The Twilight series new moon

Chris Weitz




The Twilight Saga Eclipse

David Slade



Welcome to the Rileys

Jake Scott




The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Bill Condon




The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Bill Condon



Snow White and the Huntsman

Rupert Sanders



On the way

Walter Salles



Sources: Rotten Tomatoes, Entertainment Weekly, GQ, Slant Magazine

Love Lies Bleeding movie poster featuring a muscular woman with a gun Love lies bleedingScreenRant logo

Love Lies Bleeding is an action crime film from A24. Directed by Rose Glass, Love Lies Bleeding follows a gym employee, played by Kristen Stewart, and a bisexual bodybuilder (Katy O'Brian) who discover how difficult the world of competitive bodybuilding is. The film also stars Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, Dave Franco and Ed Harris.

director Rose glass

Release date March 8, 2024

Studio(s) A24, Film4

writer Rose glass, Weronika Tofilska

Pour Kristen Stewart, Katy O'Brian, Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, Dave Franco, Ed Harris

Duration 104 minutes

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