While on vacation in the USA Ana Maria Braga said

While on vacation in the USA, Ana Maria Braga said that the streets smelled of marijuana

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June 3, 2024 9:46 p.m

On vacation in the USA, Ana Maria Braga He used his time in New York to visit the Globo studios in the city. The presenter took part in GloboNews Mais in the afternoon of this Wednesday the 6th and talked about the use of marijuana in the country. “I traveled to the West Coast and then came to the East Coast, and the only persistent smell I detected from there to here was marijuana,” he said alongside the journalist Guga chakra.

There is no national regulation of marijuana use in the United States. Each state has a regulation that varies from punishment to legalization, with 23 of the 50 states deeming weed consumption, cultivation, and regulation of the trade legal.

“Here in New York I expected the smell of burnt chestnuts… (…) There are no sidewalks, no places, no shops, nothing. The shop door opens and the smell of marijuana comes in,” Ana Maria said. “Here you see more people smoking marijuana than cigarettes,” Guga commented.

“It is a smell that commands. Don't you feel a little dizzy?” she asked the Globo News commentator. “I don't do well with marijuana, I'm not a user, I smoked for many years,” the presenter added.

Ana Maria Braga speaks out of nowhere about marijuana on GloboNews. pic.twitter.com/6C0amgHjjJ

— Sérgio Santos (@ZAMENZA) March 6, 2024

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