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Tough Monday, tough on morale

If you watch “5. Rank,” “Witches,” “Reasonable Doubt,” and “Alarms,” there is a good chance that a psychiatrist will diagnose you with adjustment disorder with anxiety-depressive mood.

Published at 7:30 p.m.


No light therapy lamp will free you from this fictional darkness. No pharmaceutical pill will fill your serotonin banks. You're wasting your breath. Farewell, joy of life and lightheartedness.

Do not get me wrong. Taken individually, these four Quebec series deliver by enveloping us in big, bloody drama. But taken together, it's a fatal sequence for morale.

I repeated the experience of watching four shows in a row this week and quickly reached my quota of survivalist terrorists in Prévost, in the Laurentians, and mafia traffickers of human organs on a farm in Montérégie.

Completely engrossed in Radio-Canada's “Reasonable Doubt” (we'll talk about its traumatic finale soon), I checked in with TVA Alerts, which recently concluded a particularly dark conspiracy, that of a 12-year-old teenager named Alice. Tanguay (Juliette Aubé was radicalized by her conspiratorial father-in-law Pat Lamarre (Pierre-Paul Alain) and then turned into a human bomb. With a dynamite belt and detonator, yes, ma'am.

Tough Monday tough on morale


Warnings recently concluded a particularly unclear conspiracy.

The SQ's Cerbère force laid sky and sewer pipes to locate Alice, who forced her grandmother Lucie (Marie-Chantal Perron) to compete in Mini-Miss pageants, a big reminder of JonBenét Ramsay here.

Alice was indoctrinated and trained to be a child martyr by former soldier Pat Lamarre. She spoke like the disciplines of Anatole Dufresne (Martin Drainville) in The Breakaway, who hated the manipulative government and the fucking pigs (read: the police).

The little mercenary Alice waited in an energy research center north of Montreal for the “Day of Light” when she was supposed to blow herself up. Hard, you say? Metal, yes.

Alice's rescue ended in a shootout, with Captain Stéphanie Duquette (Sophie Prégent) firing a bullet into the head in a heroic gesture to protect the sixth-grader. After a week in a coma, the future doesn't look particularly “wow” for our brave Captain Duquette, who has been a mainstay of the TVA soap opera since its launch in February 2021.

I'm all about the new investigation into the Cerberus unit with slightly less dark undertones. SQ investigators investigate to find out how a contestant on the popular reality show Love-moi, favorite influencer Justin Calixte (Samuel Gauthier), may have died live during prime time.

Vegan, sporty, positive and supposedly sober, the handsome Justin collapsed in the living room of the mansion, seized with cramps, as he prepared to win this fifth edition of Love-moi in front of his great rival, the beautician Corinne (Jeanne). Roux-Côté).

In a turn of events similar to the fiasco of the toxic amigos of Double Occupation, the producer of Love-moi, Virginie Dumontier (Elizabeth Duperré), vapes and condoms: the sponsors are fleeing, the social networks are on fire and it is still necessary to deliver despite the Death of the star participant a show for the station.

Opioids were found in Justin Calixte's vitamin bottle. And the list of suspects in this possible murder is not endless, because in the real TV adventure there are only four candidates left: the social work student Florence (Naïla Louidort), the nurse Louis (Patrick-Emmanuel Abellard), the ex-child actor Thomas ( Alexandre Bacon) and Corinne, the shady beautician on the run.

I want this Love Me story to never end, thank you. Apparently I would rather watch Love Me than Love Island.

On the witch side, the authors happily delve into the cauldron of traumas of the three half-sisters who grew up in the sect of the Kingdom of the Triple Goddess in Sainte-Piété. What seemed like an ordinary hippie commune becomes a museum of horror, complete with a sweat tent, torture chamber, and sterilization equipment worthy of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Medical aid in dying for the good Camil (Roger La Rue), anorexia of an 11-year-old child (poor Alistair!) and murder of a baby disguised as a missing person (the presenter Alain Leclerc will pay for it!), this is anything but that Festival of merriment in Sainte-Piété.

On the positive side, the strange postman Fred (Maxime Genois), who also works at night as a janitor at the hospital, has one more thing: he paints works of art, huge murals inspired by the collage technique. Some people have all the talents, that's unfair. The exciting pickleball matches between teenager Charlotte (Maé Jenkins) and her mysterious companion Christian (Thomas Vallières) continue, there is still hope.

There is also still hope for the leader Pascal Faubert (Antoine Durand) in 5e, who was almost beaten to death with brass knuckles by the Valmont Mafia.

In the episode broadcast on Monday evening, Pascal Faubert began to breathe on his own. Wonder ! We agree that the famous restaurant Le Tourneur would not have survived the death of its founder.

The death of Pascal Faubert would also have torpedoed the tantalizing connection between Fou de Food (or the Goulet farm?) and the multinational Fresh & Family, which occupies all of Marie-Louise's (Martine Francke) mental space.

Valmont survived the Russian underworld, the Italian mafia and serial killer Marc Trempe (Marc Béland), but Fresh & Family's withdrawal, oh no, that just wouldn't have caught on in the village. We're bringing the excitement where it comes from, friends. And we keep our morale high despite this gray Monday.