Haley leaves the scene Biden Trump returns in November

Haley leaves the scene, Biden Trump returns in November

The exit of Nikki Haley, who announced the suspension of her campaign for the Republican nomination, finally paves the way for a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It is the inevitable consequence of Super Tuesday, which gave the US president and his predecessor a long winning streak and a large number of candidates for their respective summer congresses. Haley did not support the former president in his speech in Charleston, South Carolina. Instead, she urged him to win the support of moderate Republicans and independent voters who supported her. “It is now up to Donald Trump to win the votes of those inside and outside our party who did not support him.” And I hope that he does,” he said.

“In the best case, politics is about getting people involved in your own cause and not driving them away. And our conservative cause desperately needs more people,” Haley emphasized. Both Trump and Biden were quick to court Haley voters. The president congratulated her on the critical tone she took against Trump in her campaign. He told “the truth” about the tycoon, he said in a statement. Then, referring to Trump's previous claims that he had threatened to “permanently expel” Haley's supporters from his movement, Biden said: “Donald Trump has made it clear that he does not want Nikki Haley's supporters.” I want to be clear: In my campaign There is a place for them.” The tycoon, for his part, did not hesitate to withdraw the fatwà issued some time ago: “It was the most successful Super Tuesday in history and I would also like to invite all Haley supporters to join the largest movement in history. “ Biden “is the enemy” and “is destroying our country,” he wrote in Truth. The former president also received the support of his most powerful domestic enemy, Senate Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell. “It is clear that former President Trump has gained the necessary support from Republican voters to be our nominee for President of the United States. “It should come as no surprise that he will have my support as a candidate,” McConnell said after Haley got out. According to calculations, Trump is expected to reach the number of delegates required to officially win the nomination on March 12th. Biden has to wait until March 19th. Then it will be a long road to the vote on November 5th. A preview of what will happen in the coming months will come Thursday evening with the State of the Union address that President Biden will deliver to Congress.