At the Torino Film Festival the new director Giulio Base

At the Torino Film Festival, the new director Giulio Base presents the guidelines of “his” TFF

The 42nd edition of the Turin Festival, the first under the direction of the newly elected Giulio Base, will take place from November 22nd to 30th, 2024. Here are the new director's desired ideas and innovations for the TFF.

The location chosen for the presentation to the press new Turin Film Festivalwhat he will see Giulio base The director, who replaced outgoing director Steve Della Casa, expressed legitimate irony.
It was actually about that Villa Miania neoclassical structure on the summit of Monte Mario that the richest Romans rent for birthday parties, weddings and graduations, but which is also – and above all – widely known (including ad hoc coverage on Google Maps). Villa Serbelloni Mazzanti ViendalmareThe scene of some legendary and much-quoted scenes Second tragic Fantozzi: the one with Ivan the Terrible 32nd, the burning tomato, the Flic and Floc with the cardinal.
The one in which the accountant Ugo asks the director Conte Corrado Maria Lobbiam during the very elegant dinner: “How am I?” and he growls: “Bad of God!”.

Notwithstanding this indirect legacy, the General Staff of the Cinema Museum (the President Enzo Ghigo and the director Domenico De Gaetano) and the new director Giulio base they exhibited the guidelines of the 42nd edition of the TFF, a festival where – as De Gaetano himself pointed out – many directors have come and gone in recent years. Here's to the long season of Emmanuela Martini (including those of the directors-directors, from Moretti To Virzi go through Amelio) have actually followed those that are significantly less long-lived than Stefano Francia from Celle And Steve Della CasaBoth are only in office for two years.
Ghigo evoked the idea “A young festival for young people, cinephiles, that continues in the direction of bringing cinemas closer to as many viewers as possible”while De Gaetano emphasized that it is the director who, while respecting the identity of an event, “introduces his personality and his ideas”.
What are Giulio Base's ideas for the new TFF?
“The TFF must remain cinephile and authoritarian and consist of free-spirited, original, fresh, independent and biting films.”said Base. “The most important guideline is that of the origins of the festival, the spirit of the times: cinema is still young because film art is still young.”
Base “doesn’t want to turn everything upside down, but rather propose innovations and improvements.”
In indirect controversy with the radio openings of recent years, expects “charming openings, with the screening of a film of great appeal, perhaps as a world premiere, and in the presence of national and international cinema stars”.
The opening of TFF 42, which will take place on November 22nd, will take place at the Teatro Regio, known as the Salon of Turin Culture.

For Base, “the high quality of the films and their user-friendliness” will be fundamental and speaks of “a program that will be clear and flexible” and “a welcoming and carefree festival”.which will reduce the total number of titles from over 180 in recent years to a maximum of 120.
These 120 titles are divided into the different sections and thus streamlined by Base. There will be four competition stages: the classic Feature film competition from 16 films; The Documentary Film Competition which will include both national and international titles, again with 16 titles; A Short film competition from 24 titles; a section with a public award called “Zibaldone“with 24 titles, intended as a “free and heterogeneous space” for audiovisual media outside the format.
There will be sixteen titles out of competitionand twenty-four those of the announced Retrospective on Marlon Brandowhich comes in the 100th birthday year of the man who, as Base recalled, was “the man who changed acting forever from his first appearance on Broadway.”

Obviously convinced of his possibilities, Base emphasized that he wanted the films in the main competition to all be “world or international premieres”: an ambitious and perhaps not essential goal in a festival like the one in Turin that may be pursued with a certain elasticity. .
To support basic The selection will involve six consultants, all of whom the director wanted to be very young, between around twenty and thirty years old: Davide Abbatescianni, Martina Barone, Ludovico Cantisani, Elvira Del Guercio, Veronica Orciari and Davide Stanzione.