1701173582 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs. Ohio State Michigan game

ANN ARBOR, Mich. | So many great encounters, funny anecdotes and touching moments made my day in Ann Arbor unforgettable as part of the annual duel called “The Game” between the powers of NCAA university football, the universities of Michigan and Ohio State! Here are ten that marked this stay at the epicenter of this intense rivalry.

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1. A little blue among the Canadians

10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

Stephane Cadorette

As I walked through the countless spots reserved for tailgates, each more festive than the last, my eye was caught by a Canadian flag hanging on a blue tent in the colors of the Wolverines. I introduced myself and, without batting an eyelid, they handed me a can of Labatt Bleue as if it were a prerequisite before a discussion about self-esteem could begin. I wasn’t expecting to drink a bleue among wandering Canadians, but in life you never know where duty will take you, and in such circumstances you have to show professionalism and accept the offer. The happy boys left Windsor, Ontario at 5 a.m. for the forty-minute drive, as they do for every local game.

2. From Nebraska to Michigan by party bus

1701173557 495 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

Roger Hale uses this party bus to set up everywhere before University of Michigan games. Stephane Cadorette

It’s hard to miss a small bus at the back of the Ann Arbor golf course, decorated in honor of the Wolverines and full of not-so-fond words remembering their archenemies, the Ohio State Buckeyes. The man behind this gem of a vehicle is Roger Hale. He introduces me to his “party bus” and explains that he lives in Nebraska, a dozen hours away. He has always had a soft spot for the University of Michigan and has followed the team everywhere in his unique bus for 12 years. “It’s time, it’s money, but I’ve met people who have become friends for life. This is especially the case here, where the group grows and grows and grows with each game. “What I gain is a camaraderie that I wouldn’t find anywhere else,” this real Roger Bon-temps told me, inviting me to try a delicious, very hot chili.

1701173559 883 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

Stephane Cadorette

3. Season Tickets…for $13!

1701173561 721 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

Bob Spencer recently had fun redecorating his old barn in the University of Michigan colors. PHOTO SUPPLIED BY BOB SPENCER

Another pleasant meeting was with Bob Spencer, who has always admired the Michigan Wolverines. In a sense, he was celebrating his 50th anniversary as a holder of two season tickets, which he purchased once in 1973 for a total of $26! “When I look at it, I tell myself I got a good deal!” he says with a laugh. He casually adds that one of his most recent projects was to completely renovate the old barn on his field in the Wolverines’ colors. “I needed to renovate it and while I was doing it I convinced my wife that it would be a good idea to repaint it blue and yellow. I store all my tools there. Here I am planting for spring. She looks very good and makes me happy.” To each his own happiness!

4. Supporter of the Hospitallers

1701173563 847 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

Stephane Cadorette

Several Wolverines supporters we met seemed to be having fun with those from the rival clan. It must be said that the people of Michigan have a reputation for being hospitable and not prone to conflict. In her opinion, the environment in Columbus, on the Ohio State University campus, is much more hostile. “I’ve been there once, I’ll never go back,” the various supporters we met repeated in unison. One of them, Markus Henne, pulled out all the stops. “They’re there, surrounding us, screaming OHIO! “I’m surprised they know how to spell a four-letter word,” the naughty brat blurted out.

5. Make yourself at home!

1701173565 126 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

It’s not uncommon for the yards of private homes to be used for tailgate fun. Stephane Cadorette

If the idea of ​​partying on a golf course before the game doesn’t appeal to you, know that there are plenty of other places. Several courtyards of small houses on the streets surrounding the stadium are also full of fans of well-watered tailgates. If the lawns are not crowded, they can be used for parking. It must be said that “official” parking spaces can often be found on resale sites for over $200. In their backyard, residents entice people to park, often for $80, and invite them to stay where they are.

6. Obscenities forbidden

1701173567 62 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

This Michigan fan should not have entered the stadium without hiding this very clear message from their Ohio rivals. Stephane Cadorette

There was a pretty crazy moment when we arrived at the stadium. Armed with her megaphone, a ticket agent shouted that it was forbidden to wear sweaters or bring posters containing “any form of swear words.” Before I scanned my ticket, I was even asked to open my coat to see my sweater. “It’s okay, it’s good,” I was told. As for the nasty words said by the most heated fans inside, that’s another story! Chaste ears, take it for granted!

7. No alcohol during the game

1701173569 942 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

In the tailgates at the University of Michigan, the beams are full and the messages are clear. Stephane Cadorette

Uninitiated people like me, who don’t know the customs of Michigan Stadium, may bump their noses if they feel a little thirsty upon arriving at the temple. Nothing serious, don’t worry about me, but once you’re there you should know that they don’t sell alcohol. If the feeling of thirst remains at the end of the game, the morning’s numerous tailgates begin again at the end of the day for the second act. Also, it’s good news that a concession attendant told me that starting next year, the ban on alcohol sales at the stadium will be lifted. You will have read it here first!

8th. An impressive stadium

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More than 110,000 spectators packed Michigan Stadium in yellow and blue to cheer on their Wolverines. Getty Images via AFP

Michigan Stadium is one of those historic stadiums that you have to see. It has been the home of the Wolverines since 1927 and initially seated 72,000 spectators. The University of Michigan quickly recognized the team’s growing popularity and has since undertaken several expansions and renovations. It cost $950,000 to build (equivalent to $12 million today) and received its major cosmetic treatment in 2010 for $226 million. The largest crowd in the history of the “Big House” was 115,109 spectators at the duel against the University of Notre Dame on September 7, 2013. The way the stadium was designed is impressive as soon as you enter the three-quarters of the stands lie underground. From the outside it doesn’t look that impressive.

9. “Let’s go, Zak!”

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Zak Zinter greeted the huge crowd after being supported by loyal fans. Getty Images via AFP

As loud as Michigan Stadium can be, it became quieter than a monastery when the Wolverines’ star guard Zak Zinter was injured in the second half. The man who is one of the team’s captains and is considered a potential late first- or early second-round pick in next April’s NFL draft suffered a fractured tibia and fibula. Such was the amazement in the stadium that some around me shed a tear as the medical staff surrounded him, with his teammates and even his parents on the field by his side. When he finally left the field sitting on a cart, the huge crowd of 110,000 spontaneously chanted “Let’s Go Zak” in a loud voice. Touching…

10. Coach Harbaugh strikes a pose

1701173575 595 10 notable moments from the Ohio State vs Ohio State

Head coach Jim Harbaugh posed with several fans Friday at the conclusion of the Wolverines’ final preparations. Stephane Cadorette

The stolen signals scandal currently tarnishing the reputation of the Michigan program resulted in a three-game suspension for head coach Jim Harbaugh. However, Harbaugh has only lost the right to lead on the sidelines during games, and he has the freedom to lead his men in practice and meetings all week. He left the team office at Schembechler Hall late Friday afternoon and it was clear his popularity rating hadn’t dipped in the slightest. He had his photo taken with many admirers big and small and signed autographs. After this turbulent episode, rumors sent him to the NFL, having managed the San Francisco 49ers from 2011 to 2014.