120000 federal employees will be offered a 9 pay rise

120,000 federal employees will be offered a 9% pay rise over three years

The Public Interest Commission (PIC) of the Federal Public Sector Labor Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) this week released the latest in a series of four reports on the proposal.

The report’s recommendations spread the wage increase over three years, 1.5% for 2021, 4.5% for 2022 and 3% for 2023, and affect around 120,000 federal public sector workers.

While these findings are part of the report for the Program and Administrative Services (PA Group) group, the other three negotiating units Education and Library Services (EB Group), Operational Services (SV Group) and Technical Services (TC) are affected by the Application.

In addition, the Commission also proposes to give officials a right to review telework agreements.

A public welfare commission is provided for in the Federal Civil Servants Act. His job is to help the parties find common ground in the negotiations.

PSAC members provide important services to Canadians, from issuing work permits to processing tax returns, and the government values ​​their work. We remain committed to reaching an agreement at the table that is fair to public servants and fair to taxpayers, the Treasury Secretary said in a press release on Friday.

“These reports clearly point the way forward for the government and PSAC to reach agreements as long as the parties return to the negotiating table and negotiate in good faith. »

— A quote from the Treasury Board Secretariat

An inadequate proposal for the union

While the Public Interest Commission (PIC) report suggests benefits for workers in the PA group, PSAC says its recommendations are insufficient to counteract inflation.

Although this is an improvement over the average annual increase of 2.06% offered by the employer, it will not be enough to meet our goal: to get a good job contract that follows the inflation curve, the union countered on its website.

An outside poster shows the Alliance logo.

The national offices of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) are located at 233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa. (file photo)

Photo: Radio Canada

Of course, we must keep pushing for the government to return to the table in April (New Window) with a new mandate to offer PSAC members better working conditions and post-inflationary wage increases.

In addition, a strike movement on the part of employees in the public sector is still current. The 120,000 civil servants in the four negotiating units are being asked to vote on a strike vote from Feb. 22 to April 19.