15 day strike order at SAQ

15-day strike order at SAQ

SAQ workers voted 89% in favor of a 15-day strike mandate, their union announced Saturday.

These strike days, which can be used in the coming months, will put pressure on the employer, according to the SAQ Branch and Office Employees Union (SEMB-SAQ-CSN).

The union leader regrets the slowness of the negotiations and adds that the management of the state-owned company “must take note of the dissatisfaction of its employees.”

Lisa Courtemanche calls for salary increases for employees, better working conditions and more permanent positions.

“70% of SAQ employees are part-time workers who have no idea of ​​their schedule two weeks in advance and never know if they will have a full work week.” Our world is tired of living in precarious conditions. It is crazy that the SAQ is run this way,” she said in a press release.

The union also calls on the employer to improve access to staff training. He also wants to improve customer service by increasing the number of wine consultants and store coordinators.

Also note that the disagreements between the union and the management side also affect the creation of online orders and the possible closure of regional branches to replace them with private agency permits.

“Such a measure would not only mean a loss of jobs, but would also affect the offer for customers in the region,” it said.

Management reacts

SAQ management quickly responded to the union's announcement, reiterating the importance of “reaching an agreement that is satisfactory to both the SAQ and its employees.”

“In the event of a one-day strike, our teams are ready to implement a plan to ensure continuity of service,” SAQ management stressed in a message sent to the media.