15 schools become AI pilot schools Steiermark

15 schools become AI pilot schools Steiermark


Artificial intelligence (AI) is also increasingly present in schools: 15 schools in Styria will become AI pilot schools in the next two academic years and will receive their own budget for this.

01/19/2024 10/11

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In pilot schools, teachers and children must learn to use AI in a targeted way. In certain cases, artificial intelligence can be used if it is checked. The use of AI programs like ChatGPT remains fundamentally prohibited if they are used to fake performance.

Schools see new opportunities in AI

Tamara Kunz teaches programming at the Scheiflig secondary school. She sees many opportunities to use AI in a wide variety of subjects. “How do I input my questions well so the AI ​​understands them? Then you can actually ask on ChatGPT and compare, does this also appear elsewhere? What does Google say about this? What could another AI say about this? This means verifying the truth, verifying the age. This means they actually learn information and also verify it professionally, whether it’s geography or coding.”

The private Ursuline school in Graz is also a pilot school. Sister Anna Kurz, director of the secondary school, says: “I have just returned from a training course that was mainly about AI, what advantages does this artificial intelligence offer? Where can you use them? Where is perhaps most dangerous? I'm also talking about an area of ​​ethics, for example. There are so many things that are coming up and dealing with them, I say, is also a positive challenge that we are facing.”

Pilot schools receive their own budget

In St. Marein im Mürztal, high school and elementary school were selected for the AI ​​pilot project. Above all, primary school director Marietta Eberhard expects know-how from staff and colleagues: “Because we really have digital competence and offer digital exercises and also work with iPads in the primary school sector. In collaboration with high school, it will be great if we get the know-how.” AI pilot schools receive their own project budget for additional learning software and are supported in the pilot phase.