1684050865 15 zeros and 5 points from the audience these were

15 zeros and 5 points from the audience: these were the votes for Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest

15 zeros and 5 points from the audience these were

Blanca Paloma, Spain’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, took the stage at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, UK, on ​​Saturday night to defend her song Eaea. The tribute to his grandmother Carmen did not manage to move Europe and finished 17th in the competition. Sweden tops the list with 583 points and singer Loreen’s second win. Finland took second place with 526 points, Israel third place with 362 points. The woman from Elche goes home with 12 points without any country voting for her, and 15 countries have placed her last in their ranking with zero points. The Portuguese expert jury got the highest score with 10. Blanca Paloma did not win the favor of the public: the televoting gave her only 5 points, the lowest score of this edition.

Here is how the jury votes for Spain were distributed by country:

12 points:

10 points: Portugal.

8 points: Latvia.

7 points: Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Germany.

6 points: Belgium, Croatia, Armenia, Cyprus.

5 points: Great Britain.

4 points: Australia.

3 points: Moldova, Iceland, Serbia, Switzerland, Czech Republic.

2 points: San Marino, Estonia, Slovenia.

1 point: Norway, Albania.

0 points: Ukraine, Italy, Malta, Ireland, Austria, France, Finland, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania.

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