2023 NFL schedule 17 subplots for the Patriots 17 regular season

2023 NFL schedule: 17 subplots for the Patriots’ 17 regular-season games – NBC Sports Boston

There’s obviously a catch with every single matchup, every single week. When will the Patriots play the Jets in 2023? It’s Bill Belichick vs. Aaron Rodgers. Obbbbbviously!

But there are countless subplots in every game, from encounters on the field to the familiarity of the coaching staff and the ever-fascinating Revenge Game.

Now that the 2023 NFL schedule is out, we’re going a little beyond the main story and delving into the most delicious sub-story of any game – HEALTH!

Week 1: Philadelphia Eagles at Patriots

An amusing subplot unrelated to the game will be honoring Tom Brady. What does that mean? Will Brady agree to sign symbolic one-day deal to ‘retire a patriot’? (I’m still betting no for a number of reasons.) How bitterly is Bill Belichick disgusted by Brady’s “Dog and Pony” retrospective as the team tries to start a new season?

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gameplay? How are the Patriots handling the Eagles’ rugby scrum offense on third and fourth downs? Because this piece fascinated me. Also, Eagles double agent Matt Patricia will be on the sidelines.

“Matt, can you tell us about Mac Jones?”

“Honestly, guys, he was pretty bad when I was coaching him.”

“Correct. It’s one of the reasons you’re with us… never mind.”

Week 2: Miami Dolphins at Patriots (Sunday Night Football)

Hopefully this is a nice start for the Patriots brand. Sunday Night Football activity a week after Brady-Hoo-ha the week before. An opportunity to show off whatever they’ve just been working on.

But the more interesting subplot involves a Miami defense retooled by the esteemed Vic Fangio, who joined the Dolphins as defensive coordinator.

Week 3: Patriots at the New York Jets

Get this about the Jets in 2022. They hit 28 touchdowns all year. They haven’t reached the 10 point mark in the last three games. They scored 20 or fewer goals in 11 games. Aaron Rodgers isn’t coming to lead them to the elite. He has to bring these kids up to average level first. And if the first two weeks aren’t exactly ELECTRIC for Aaron, it will be interesting to see what mood he’s in when Week 3 begins.

Having already played the Bills and Cowboys and the Chiefs waiting for the Pats, this is going to be a big problem for Robert Saleh’s team.

Week 4: Patriots at Dallas Cowboys

Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones have spent a combined 162 years on the planet and together have a tens of billions of dollars in their tally. They’ve been the league’s most influential owners for 35 years. Both may not be as hot as they were a decade ago, but they still have at least one Greg Maddux fastball most days.

This could be the last time the two men will be active and active as their teams clash. It deserves more than a passing mention.

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Two of the NFL’s most influential owners will go head-to-head in Week 4.

Week 5: New Orleans Saints at Patriots

After not seeing a stiff quarterback in the first four weeks, the Saints and Derek Carr are coming to Foxboro. Carr, of course, is the ultimate Two-Face, which is why he now plays for the Saints rather than the Raiders with Josh McDaniels on a perpetual quest for beauty. So the subplot in this case is simple. Ugly Derek? Or handsome Derek?

Week 6: Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders

Josh McDaniels is obviously the headliner here. Unless you want to point out that Josh and Jimmy Garoppolo’s marriage is at odds with the combination of Bill O’Brien and Mac Jones.

Jim is the one who escaped for Bill Belichick. Which is probably for the best, given the injury woes Glass Jim has been struggling with. But Mac was the “okay, that’s enough…” option for the Patriots, and while Jones got along just fine here with McDaniels, he didn’t fare as well when Bill decided not to give him someone who was a seasoned offensive coordinator !!!! Hm.

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Mac Jones has been on the wane since Josh McDaniel’s departure after the 2021 season.

Week 7: Buffalo Bills at Patriots

After six games, Christian Gonzalez should be ready at this point to face a talented player like Stefon Diggs. Gonzalez might flop here and there, but can he walk with him, change directions with him and play with him physically?

Also, the Bills roll with tight ends Dalton Kincaid and Dawson Knox. With this duo and Josh Allen’s running, can the strong part of the Patriots defense – their safety group – handle it?

Week 8: Patriots at Dolphins

Even if it’s the end of October, 1 am in Miami still means it’s hot out there. I’m assuming the Patriots will start this game 4-3. victories over Miami, the Jets, Vegas and New Orleans; Losses to the Bills, in Dallas and in the opener against Philly. The only soft part in the game plan comes after this game.

Did Tua make it to mid-season unscathed? Has Mac Jones thrown 12 touchdowns now? Any Patriot wideout for 1,000 receiving yards on pace? If you answer yes to the last two questions, the Patriots will win in Miami.

Week 9: Washington Commanders at Patriots

The subplot here? This should be a team the Patriots can lean on. If they’re anything I’d like them to be, this game is their first attempt at hitting a stiff quarterback (sorry Sam Howell… maybe I’m eating my words). And against such competition, it should be easy prey.

That, to me, is the subplot: Are the Patriots downplaying to create average or lesser competition? Or are you average yourself?

Week 10: Indianapolis Colts at Patriots (in Germany)

All the way to Germany to play Gardner Minshew (health)? Because that’s how I see the development for Indy. The Colts lost seven straight to end their 2022, firing Frank Reich, hiring Jeff Saturday and now rebuilding under first-year coach Shane Steichen (former Eagles OC).

You can count on Anthony Richardson’s developmental time as an NFL quarterback still to come. No need to put a kid in the cauldron and teach them bad habits. So raise your stone and have a good time. The Patriots are 6-3.

Week 11: Bye

subplot? Neatly timed bye before two home games against the beatable Giants and Steelers.

Week 12: Patriots at New York Giants

This is the Patriots’ sixth 1 p.m. game in their first 11 games. Belichick likes being a creature of habit and the schedule so far will make that easier for him. The subplot here is whether Mac Jones is in the arc that Daniel Jones was in before he got his offseason extension.

Daniel was meh in his two seasons with Joe Judge as head coach of the Giants. He got an attacking-minded head coach in Brian Daboll and – BAM – he became competent and the Giants had to pay him.

Can Mac show similar signs of life under Bill O’Brien? And will the Patriots choose to take up Mac’s option for a fifth year in less than a year or play it like the Giants and push the boy to his best? My guess: the latter.

Week 13: Los Angeles Chargers at Patriots

The Patriots have beaten the Chargers seven times in a row since 2008. I thought her best win of 2021 was in LA on Halloween, 27-24. What I’ll be interested in is the possible duel between Christian Gonzalez and Chargers rookie wideout Quentin Johnston.

The 1.80 m tall, 100 kg player was drafted 21st overall shortly after New England picked Gonzalez. That’s the kind of player Gonzalez should be able to control. Meanwhile, the Chargers also have another treetop wideout in Mike Williams (6-ft-4, 218). The Patriots don’t have much to offer as a cornerback.

Week 14: Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night)

Even this weekday game is no smash. Pittsburgh is an easy start for a Thursday night football game. The Patriots put the Steelers on the road pretty easily in Week 2 last year, during the brief streak of, “Wow, maybe this Patricia thing is going to work?!?!” It didn’t.

This is another game that will test the power of the Patriots’ offensive line under new coach Adrian Klemm. The Steelers finished last year with 40 sacks and that’s seven games WITHOUT TJ Watt. I have the Patriots at 9-4 and I’m jaw dropping across the entire sports landscape.

Week 15: Kansas City Chiefs at Patriots (Monday Night)

Leaving a 10 day hiatus and getting KC to come over to them? Perfect. Juju Smith Schuster Revenge Game. If Juju isn’t at 50 catches by this point, then turning away from Jakobi Meyers was a misstep. And I don’t think Juju will be 50.

Could this be the last duel between Andy Reid and Bill Belichick? They have faced each other nine times, with Belichick’s Patriots winning six of those. So the subplot to watch here is the two ancient salts mating with the gray matter one last time. Perhaps.

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Could Bill Belichick and Andy Reid’s tenth meeting be their last?

Week 16: Patriots at Denver Broncos (Sunday night)

Christmas Eve in the Rocky Mountains. It’s the Patriots’ third straight prime-time game, and Belichick vs. Sean Payton is the subplot of the day. The Patriots are 9-5 after losing to Kansas City. By this point, Belichick should have Don Shula’s 2024 record in sight.

A little comparison between the offensive players is also in order this week and we wonder if Payton’s rehab against Russell Wilson went better than O’Brien’s repair to Mac.

Week 17: Patriots at Bills

New Year’s Eve in western New York. I guess the Bills will need that because I sense a slight step backwards with this team. With everyone gathered at the top of the AFC East and all four teams still qualified for the playoffs, this is a chance for the Patriots and Belichick to open the coffin lid that the Bills thought they had nailed for the past two seasons.

Week 18: Jets at Patriots

Aaron Rodgers muddles the final game of his first year as a Jet. It didn’t go the way he hoped and he wonders why everyone thought he was the savior. The big subplot here is whether the Patriots will win the division by tiebreaker with a score of 11-6 outright, or whether they need help getting into the game as a wild card with a loss.

Oh, and Mac needs a good game to win Comeback Player of the Year. He has thrown for 25 touchdowns, six picks and 3,841 yards. Numbers nobody saw coming. Unless you read this back in May.