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2023: Pope's Trip 2023: A retrospective in images Religion


After four trips abroad in 2022, Pope Francis has planned six trips abroad in 2023. The Pope visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan in the winter, Hungary in the spring, Portugal in the summer and then Mongolia. The Pope traveled to Marseille in the fall and a trip to the World Climate Conference in Dubai was planned for later in the year.

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January-February 2023: Pope Francis in Congo and South Sudan

“I have been waiting for this trip for a year,” the head of the Roman Catholic Church told reporters on the plane. The trip was scheduled for the summer of 2022, but was postponed due to problems with the Pope's knee.

This time too, the 86-year-old is expected to use a wheelchair for most of the six days. Francisco will stay in Kinshasa until Friday and then head to South Sudan.

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April 2023: Pope Francis in Hungary

Pope Francis traveled to Hungary for the second time in two years. In his speech in Budapest, the head of the Catholic Church condemned nationalism and recalled the importance of a common European policy for peace.

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August 2023: Pope Francis at World Youth Day in Portugal

Pope Francis' first trip after abdominal surgery almost two months ago takes him to Portugal. The occasion is World Youth Day, when hundreds of thousands of young Christians from all over the world gather in Lisbon.

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August-September 2023: Pope Francis in Mongolia

Pope Francis arrived in Ulan Bator at the beginning of his trip to Mongolia. The 86-year-old man landed in the Mongolian capital on a special plane operated by the Italian airline Ita.

It is the first visit by a pope to the second largest landlocked country in the world. Francisco will stay there until Monday. After flying overnight, he wanted to avoid commitments on the first day of his visit.

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September 2023: Pope Francis at the Mediterranean meeting in Marseille

Pope Francis traveled to Marseille, a French Mediterranean metropolis, for two days in September. This was not a state visit, but rather a pastoral visit to the Mediterranean region. The focus was on the topic of migration.

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December 2023: Travel planned to the World Climate Conference in Dubai

Pope Francis, who was recently ill, canceled his trip to the UN climate conference, COP28, in Dubai. This was done following the advice of his doctors, said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

Francisco, 86 years old, made environmental protection one of the pillars of his mandate. He wanted to become the first pope in history to attend a UN climate conference. The COP format has existed since 1995.

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