2023 WWE Womens Royal Rumble Match Results – NoDQcom

2023 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match Results – NoDQ.com

Here are the highlights from the 2023 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match…

* Rhea Ripley was No. 1, selling Beth Phoenix’s javelin attack from the Men’s Rumble match. Liv Morgan was #2. The announcers brought up as Liv had requested #1, but they gave her #2 instead.

* Dana Brooke was #3. Emma was #4 and everyone teamed up against Rhea. Shayna Baszler was #5. Bayley was #6 and Liv quickly hit her with oblivion but couldn’t get the elimination. B-Fab was #7 but was promptly kicked out by Rhea to become the first woman to be eliminated.

* WWE NXT’s Roxanne Perez was #8 as a surprise attendee and cleaned the house. Dakota Kai was #9 and tried to help Bayley but the others worked together against Damage CTRL. Iyo Sky then arrived in 10th place to help her teammates. Damage CTRL worked together and eliminated several women.

* Natalya was #11 on her return from a broken nose. Candice LeRae was #12. Damage CTRL continued to dominate, eliminating both Natalya and Shayna. WWE NXT’s Zoey Stark was another surprise entrant at #13. Xia Li was #14.

* Becky Lynch was #15 and went to Damage CTRL. The fight spread outward with no one eliminated. Damage CTRL got the better of Becky and sent her over the comment table. Tegan Nox was #16.

* Asuka was #17 with new entrance music and her pre-WWE Kana makeup. Doudrop, back to Piper Niven, was #18. Tamina was #19. At this point, Becky came back into play.

* Chelsea Green was #20 but was immediately eliminated by Rhea in five seconds. Shortly thereafter, Becky eliminated Io and Dakota, but was then eliminated by Bayley. Then Liv threw Bayley over the top. Becky fought out of the ring area with Damage CTRL.

* Zelina Vega was #21. Rachel was #22. Michin was #23. Lacey Evans was #24. Michelle McCool was #25 and entered the match from the ring area. WWE NXT’s Indi Hartwell was another surprise entrant at #26. Sonya Deville was #27. Shotzi was #28. Nikki Cross was #29.

* Returning Nia Jax was the 30th and final contestant. Everyone in the ring froze as Nia entered the ring. Everyone tried to attack Nia at the same time, but she fought them off. Rhea eventually defeated Nia with the current. Rhea brought everyone together and they managed to eliminate Nia.

* Thinned the field to Rhea, Liv, and Asuka. Everyone was on the apron but Asuka used the fog to hit Liv but then Rhea eliminated Asuka. Despite being blinded, Liv almost won, but then Rhea scored the elimination to win the match.