2024 the year of fitness – TVA Nouvelles

2024, the year of fitness – TVA Nouvelles

At the start of each year, returning to the gym is a new resolution for many Quebecers, but even more so in the post-pandemic years.

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Since the pandemic, Quebecers have been trying to rediscover their sense of community. According to experts, 2024 is therefore expected to be the year of fitness, health and wellness.

“People are tired of being alone at home. Teleworking means they are constantly at home. Now they are looking for the social aspect. 2024 will be the year of fitness and health. “People will flock to the training rooms,” comments Canadian Fitness Industry Council Director General Gabriel Hardy.

The biggest challenge is maintaining this resolution over the long term. Sometimes motivation and pressure can play a big role.

“It is the pressure, the desire to perform and the desire for too strict goals that make people give up,” explains Josée Lavigueur, adding that 50% of people give up after six weeks in the training room.

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