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3 Free Apps to Transfer Files as Easily as AirDrop – 01net

These free apps make it easy to share files with your loved ones nearby, wirelessly and on any device.

Sharing files between all your nearby devices is not an easy task. If you use Apple devices, AirDrop will work for you. If you use Android, be sure to use Google's Nearby Share. Unfortunately, neither solution is universal. AirDrop only works on Apple devices, while Google's proximity sharing only works between Android devices and, more recently, Windows devices.

There is no official solution from Apple or Google to easily share files between all devices, whether they run iOS, Android, macOS or Windows. To be able to share files as easily as with AirDrop or Nearby Sharing, you have no choice but to resort to third-party solutions.

Even if that means you have to choose an alternative, you might as well choose one that fills the biggest gap in AirDrop and Google Nearby Sharing: interoperability between all operating systems. There are a wealth of options in this game. Not all are equally effective or easy to use. Sorting is required between applications full of promotional videos or premium subscriptions and applications that don't work the first time. After several tests, we have selected the three that we believe meet all your requirements.

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LocalSend is undoubtedly one of the most effective local file sharing apps. It is free, open source and available on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS) and uses your home's local network to operate. In other words, all devices you want to transfer files between must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. No connection to the internet is required.

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To transfer files, the application relies on a communication protocol that allows each device to communicate with each other. All shared data is secure and uses the HTTPS protocol, while a TLS/SSL certificate is generated on any device in an instant.

The process for transferring files between multiple devices couldn't be simpler. Simply open the app on any device, choose whether you want to send or receive content on each device, and choose what you want to share before selecting the recipient.

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All detected machines are identified by a unique name, which is sometimes quite exotic. The transfer can be instant if you have previously configured the option. Note that you can share individual files, but also entire directories, texts or even your computer's clipboard.

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With a name like that, it's hard not to think of the Apple solution that the tool is reminiscent of. Also open source – it is based on Snapdrop – PairDrop offers more options when it comes to file sharing. It is accessible from any web browser and allows you to quickly transfer files over an internet connection. The devices must then be connected to the same local network. But PairDrop, available in French, goes much further. The utility offers a system that allows you to maintain pairing between your devices (thanks to a connection established via a 6-digit code or a QR code) so that after you close and reopen PairDrop, they find each other automatically .

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Importantly, the utility offers a system of “public temporary spaces” that devices can access via a six-digit code or QR code. The devices located in these virtual “rooms” can recognize each other in order to authorize file exchange (i.e. over the Internet). Once this “temporary virtual room” is empty, PairDrop will automatically delete it.

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For the rest, using PairDrop is trivial. All you have to do is select a visible device, select the item to share and you're done. The recipient simply needs to accept the sharing request to receive the file. Simple, quick and effective. To access it more quickly from your smartphone, you can save the web app directly to the home screen.

Similar to PairDrop, ShareDrop is establishing itself as a universal platform for sharing files regardless of your devices. And for good reason: the application is accessible via a web browser, both on desktop and mobile devices. Sharedrop allows you to transfer files directly between multiple devices without using a third-party server. The system is based on a secure peer-to-peer transmission system.

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The application can therefore be used to exchange files between multiple devices connected to the same local network without requiring any configuration on your part. The devices usually automatically recognize each other and are ready to send or receive files. It is also possible to transfer files between multiple devices that are not on the same local network. To do this, you need to create a “room” with a unique URL by clicking the “+” button at the top right of the window. The recipient then only needs to flash the displayed QR code to access this unique virtual space in their web browser from which they can exchange files.

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Once this formality is completed, all you have to do is select the recipient, select a file and click the “Send” button to share it. The recipient will then receive a notification that they must accept to receive the shared item.

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