3 NETFLIX movies and series premiering this Wednesday 22nd February

3 NETFLIX movies and series premiering this Wednesday 22nd February

February is coming to an end and the new releases of Netflix are worth recommending as they promise to be one of the series And movies most viewed and successful of the month. The world’s leading streaming platform offers a great catalog to enjoy and with so much content it’s very difficult to choose. On the other hand, every week there are new and fresh proposals to keep you updated with the catalog Here are 3 alternatives in Netflix that they will be premiere The Wednesday February 22nd.

There is still a long way to go until the end of the month, according to the list of movies And series lately premiere is renewed in the last week of the month. The platform will have several productions that you can enjoy from the next one Wednesday February 22ndwith different genres to satisfy even the most demanding users.

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It’s one of the series mexican thriller Netflix this promises to be a complete success. It is a crime story based on true events with several unexpected twists as it tells the story of three completely identical women who meet for the first time and are bound by a crime and many mysteries. Rebecca, the homicide detective, after seeing the victim at the scene, begins a quest to find out the truth about her origins as she is a woman who appears to be herself. You can enjoy Triad of Wednesday February 22nd.

the Walking Dead

One of series par excellence is the following, because although it is not a premiere, now that it is, you can enjoy it from start to finish Wednesday February 22nd will come to Netflix Season 11. The Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a group of survivors must fight for their lives against the plague of zombies called walkers and the dangers of other groups of people who are also trying to stay safe.

3 NETFLIX movies and series premiering this Wednesday 22nd February

we have a spirit

One of movies that they will be premiere In Netflix tells the story of a somewhat dysfunctional African American family who moves into a new house, unaware that they have an additional tenant, it’s a ghost named Ernest. Kevin and his family are not afraid of this supernatural being, on the contrary, they create a YouTube channel and it makes them famous and they are seen by the whole world, but when they become known, they end up in the CIA’s crosshairs.