3 Zodiac Signs Survive the Pressures of Life on January

3 Zodiac Signs Survive the Pressures of Life on January 16, 2024

What starts out problematic has the chance to go in one of two directions on this day, January 16, 2024. First, we could learn from our mistakes and do our best to communicate with respect, or second, we could stick to our guns and fight for our way until the other party cracks under the pressure. We look at the ups and downs of this day's transit, Moon square Mercury, and hope we can find a way to make it work for everyone.

Three zodiac signs may be taking the power of the moon square Mercury and using it to their own advantage, which strangely enough can make this day quite difficult for us. We think we're getting away with it, but in reality we're just twisting other people's words to confuse them so we can get away with thinking we've won the battle. During the Moon square Mercury we are ready for battle and our only thought is to win.

But on January 16, 2024, much of what we care about is twisted and wrong; We use words as weapons and are good at them too, which makes us think we are right when in fact we are wrong. This day is hard for us because we are setting ourselves up for a lesson that we will learn in the future, even though we may consider this day victorious. We will be educated the hard way later.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on January 16, 2024:

1. Aries

(March 21st – April 19th)

You don't like to think of yourself as someone who would ever have a challenge communicating, and yet on this day, January 16, 2024, you might find yourself saying something that someone else finds either insulting or arrogant. .. and you don't like to be challenged. You may think you're coming from a good place, and in reality you are, but you express your feelings in a way that makes you assume everyone agrees with you, and that's not true.

On January 16, 2024, during the transit of the Moon square Mercury, you will find that expressing yourself is a good thing, just for you alone. It's great that you are able to figure things out, but the problem here is that you generalize that everyone knows exactly what you are talking about and end up speaking for others who don't want you to represent them, since you don't know her feelings.

You're proud to think that you're teaching people something, whereas during the Mercury Moon square you're actually just showing how “good” you are. That's narcissistic and of course that's the last thing you want to hear as a rebuttal. On this day, people will disagree with you and you will not like knowing that not everyone sees things the way you do.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 – June 20)

A snappy attitude is what you're made of today, as Moon Square Mercury makes you feel like you have to defend yourself. You won't have a problem attacking someone for expressing their opinion, and if you're not careful, you might end up making an enemy of that person because they're not that keen on being attacked. And on January 16, 2024, during the Moon square Mercury, it's easy to make enemies.

Since the Moon Square Mercury is in some ways about misunderstandings and you like to see yourself as someone who has mastered the ability to express yourself, you may find it difficult to accept this, perhaps you are “wrong.” this day. You pride yourself on being right about so many things, and often you're a true expert… but not always, Gemini. Not always. And what you don't like is being pointed out, as it might be on this day, January 16, 2024.

Instead of taking something from someone you know, you'll force your idea on them as if they need to understand what you're talking about. You're not exactly soft-spoken, forceful and pushy, and while you think you're “getting by”, all you're really doing is trying too hard and putting people off. That's what makes this day difficult for you, Gemini.

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3. Fish

(February 19th – March 20th)

Since you've always been known as a “softy” to the people in your life, you feel like you're not really getting your point across. One of the reasons you are such a wimp is because you get caught up in your own feelings, and on this day, January 16, 2024, during the transit of the Moon square Mercury, you will literally hold yourself back because if you it would be To express what's really on your mind, the world would explode…you're sure of it.

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You have a lot of repressed anger inside you, Pisces, and at times like these with transits like this you really tend to stew in your own juices. When someone asks you what's wrong, you tell them the old “Oh, nothing,” which makes it worse for you. You know you need to let go of some of what's bothering you, but you also feel like things are going to get seriously messy if you open up this can of worms.

What makes January 16, 2024 difficult for you is that you want to let it all out and yet you don't. You keep it in check and let people walk all over you because you're afraid that if you dare to express what's really on your mind, you'll lose friends very quickly. The tricky part is that you may question whether you even want to keep these friends. Trust this, Pisces…you want to keep these friends…you're just in the mood and feeling confused by it.

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