1676685977 300 kmh mobile Raser 25 has to give up Protz

300 km/h, mobile Raser (25) has to give up Protz BMW

This punishment hits where it hurts: a tuning freak has to hand over his car after his crazy drive through Friedrichshafen (D) at 300 km/h.

The 25-year-old bought his 2008 BMW with all sorts of extras, but later modified it further. From the turbocharger to the negatively modified exhaust system and the chassis, virtually everything has been fixed.

When the young lead-foot from the Lake Constance region wanted to put the 490 hp power on the road, it was the young tuner of Germany’s undoing – which now, according to “schwaebische.de”, has drastic consequences.

At 300 kilometers per hour and cell phone in hand, he drove his Bavarian car through a single-track tunnel on the B31 through Friedrichshafen (Baden-Württemberg). In court, however, the 25-year-old was quite submissive, unable or unwilling to explain why he had not chosen a road with no speed limit to run on.

BMW must be sold

In January 2023, a judge sentenced him to 50 per diem of 20 euros for prohibited and punishable racing. And he has to sell his fancy BMW. Half of the current value (14,000 euros) would then have to go to the public purse – provided it finds a buyer willing to put around 4,500 euros on top to dismantle the illegal tuning jokes again.

Car is considered a crime

Otherwise, the carriage will be completely retracted. The background for this unusual punishment is the relatively recent paragraph 315f of the Penal Code (StGB). It stipulates that vehicles used in motor racing can be confiscated as so-called criminal equipment.

“The purpose of the regulation is that the means of the crime can no longer be available to the accused and therefore the crime cannot be repeated”, explains the judge involved, Rebecca Hutt, to the German online portal. The legislator is of the opinion that “the driver scene can be achieved in a particularly sustainable way through his vehicles, because they are defined by their speed”.

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