400 Jobs Coming to Colorado Springs KKTV

400 Jobs Coming to Colorado Springs – KKTV

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Today the Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation announced that a technology company is investing $880 million in the Pikes Peak region for its expansion.

Microchip Technology is pleased to expand its silicon carbide and silicon manufacturing business in Springs.

The senior vice president also says they plan to upgrade the 50-acre campus for increased SiC manufacturing for use in automotive/e-mobility, grid infrastructure, green energy, and aerospace and defense applications.

The announcement will affect customers nationwide in the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace, defense, communications and computing markets. Microchip technology is at the heart of everything from cars to smartphones, MRI scanners to industrial robots and data centers.

The Colorado Springs economy should experience economic growth. Microchip Technology is working to create 400 high-paying job opportunities. The average salary for a Microchip employee is between 76,000 and 113,000.

“We’re at around 850. We plan to add just over 400 employees over the next few years,” said Senior Vice President Ganesh Moorthy. “We have a number of groups looking to hire and build engineers and engineering teams here. Like I said, it’s a great place to attract engineers and talent.”

Mayor John Suthers and other city officials say this is a step closer to making the Springs the silicon mountain. And just like in California’s Silicon Valley, officials are hoping we’re headed for greater economic opportunity.

“We’ve come full circle,” said Suthers, Mayor of Colorado Springs. “And like I said, you’ve heard the people at Microchip talk about the role of silicon; We are the silicon mountain once again. And it’s a new chapter in the history of Colorado Springs.”