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5 Big Dangers Hiding In Our Homes That Need Attention!

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Accidents at home are more likely than anywhere else. Accidental poisoning, drowning incidents, injuries from falls, house fires, among others, may occur. People may feel safe and comfortable in their homes, but the reality is that these accidents are very likely to happen.

Avoid domestic accidents, It is important to understand the potential dangers that exist in your home. It only makes sense to apply prevention methods to potential problems if you know what could go wrong. Check it out below!

5 main causes of home accidents


Elderly people and children are among those who visit emergency rooms most often after being injured from falling down stairs. Common accidents include head injuries and broken bones. Making stairs safer is easy, just implement the following simple safety measures:

  • Install handrails;
  • Add light either on the floor or just above the stairs to brighten the area;
  • Use slippery floors or mats;
  • Remove any hazards from the ladder that could cause tripping or falling.

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swimming pools

Several children drown in swimming pools. Therefore, take some measures to avoid these accidents:

  • Never leave a child alone near a swimming pool.
  • In case of disappearance, first search for the child in the areas near the pool;
  • Plan for barriers such as fences and fences to prevent unsupervised children from entering the pool.


In homes where children live, bathtubs are the deadliest thing in the house. They are second only to swimming pools when it comes to aquatic fatalities. Therefore, take the following precautionary measures:

  • Always test the water temperature before you start swimming;
  • Never let a child bathe alone in the bathtub;
  • Less water does not mean less danger. A few inches of water can be enough for a child to drown, so keep an eye on the child at all times.


It is estimated that 20% of elderly deaths are due to accidental falls on uneven or slippery surfaces. To avoid this, take the following precautions:

  • Use walltowall rugs or secure home rugs to the floor.
  • Repair worn and warped floors;
  • Immediately wipe up any spilled food or liquid that could cause slipping.

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The US reports about 40,000 drug overdose deaths each year. About 80% of these deaths were caused by drugs that parents should be aware of and cautious about providing to their children. Check out the preventive measures related to medication:

  • Throw away medicines that are unlikely to be used again or store them in hardtoreach places;
  • Talk to your child about the risks of substance abuse.

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