5 natural nail designs with glitter that will be trending

5 natural nail designs with glitter that will be trending in 2023 panorama

That acrylic nails They have been trending for several years as it is a very easy way to show off a spectacular manicure. Although there are countless nail designs, in 2023 natural nails will be the protagonistsbased on shading beige, pink or nude, but with unique decorations that make them stand out everywhere. That’s why we’re giving you this time 5 natural nail designs ideas with glitter that will be fashionable in 2023 and you can’t miss it.

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Natural nails with glitter

If you love natural nails but want to add a different touch to your manicure, you can try these glitter nails. All you have to do is put a pink base on your nails and apply one glitter nail polish and blend towards the cuticle.

glitter nails
Glitter nails. Photo: Pinterest

Elegant nails with glitter

The glitters on the nails don’t necessarily have to cover the entire nail, but you can small details like thin lines with some shine. We recommend using a nail polish that contrasts with the nude of the natural nail.

Natural nails with glitter
Natural nails with glitter. Photo: Pinterest

Lip gloss effect for natural nails

One of the trends that will define 2023 is the nail design lip gloss nails, which is characterized by a thick layer of gloss that makes it look spectacular. You can combine it with metallic details or stones to give your manicure a more radiant look.

natural nails
lip gloss nails. Photo: Pinterest

Natural nails with stones

That nails with stones You’re one of our favorites and it can be as versatile a nail design as you can Use larger rhinestones if you prefer a bolder look, or decorate your nails with small stones or diamonds that add a subtle sparkle to your manicure.

nails with stones
Nails with stones Photo: Pinterest

Natural nails with pearls

Pearls will regain popularity by 2023, because it is a very elegant nail decoration that you can use both on short nails and on XL acrylic nails. Leave the base bare and place small beads randomly on your nails to give your manicure a more elegant look.

nails with beads
Nails with beads Photo: Pinterest

So if you want to get into the 2023 trend but want to sport an elegant manicure, without a doubt this one natural nail designs they are for you. what was your favorite