5 PHOTOS by Andrea Garcia that show her resemblance to

5 PHOTOS by Andrea García that show her resemblance to Andrés García, although the actor denies it

In recent weeks, he has caused great concern Andres Garciabecause his health is very poor due to the cirrhosis of the liver from which he suffers in addition to problems with his spinal cord, even going so far as to say that in the last days of his life he is experiencing the estrangement however remains with his children, including andrea garcia. Even if he lost sight of him a bit in Mexico, it’s clear that he has a great one similar with the actorso below you see 5 photos which show the similarities they have, although the Andrew the denies to your annoyance.

On different occasions andrea garcia He has moved away from his artistic career, and the same has happened in relation to his relationship with his father, which is why the actor is very upset with her, and even the denies. To the Andres GarciaHis daughter took him out of his life, which is why he didn’t want to have any contact with her despite his state of health.

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“Andrea isn’t even my daughter and there’s nothing to fix; I will tell you the truth, I recognized her to help her in her career and with the name but she didn’t know how to thank me. For me, Andrea doesn’t exist at all (…) She’s a bad person, she got involved with people from the black mafia, I know that she’s even involved in prostitution; I tried to counsel her and she invented a pen#$%&/(,” the actor said after a scandal surrounding his daughter’s alleged abuse allegations.

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Then health Andres Garcia He was full of ups and downs and even had to go to the hospital as if that wasn’t enough, he suffered from depression and said he felt his death. Despite this, the actor stays away from his children, mainly from Andrewwho lives in the USA and could not contact his father, sent him a video via social networks.

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“Daddy I love you I’ve never told those lies if I’ve hurt you in something forgive me and I forgive you too because I know there is love in your heart and even if these people want to separate families, they will.” you don’t have to be able to do it because you have the light of God in your heart and in your spirit,” Andrea García said in the video.

Since then, little has been known about a possible reconciliation between father and daughter, meanwhile andrea garcia continues her projects as an actress in the USA and is probably happy for them too photos which she shares on her social networks. It is worth remembering that she was born on December 8, 1975 and her mother is Fernanda Ampudia, with whom she also does not seem to have a good relationship for unknown reasons.

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Andrew He also wanted to follow in his father’s acting footsteps, so he trained at the Televisa Artistic Education Center, after which he began acting in various soap operas such as Tu y yo, Esmeralda, La Usurpadora, and Mujeres ‘. She stood out for her talent and beauty, since it was seen that she had inherited this virtue from her father, which led her to also venture into driving, modeling and appearing on the covers of several magazines.

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But since 2015 andrea garcia started getting involved in various controversies, among which she highlighted that she is allegedly away from her family because she simply has no interest and as if that wasn’t enough, when the information came to light she was allegedly from was abused Andres Garcia Ever since I was a girl So this problem between her and her father has been going on for a number of years and the father has not been lacking in reason. actor So that the will denyHowever, the expectation remains that there will be a reconciliation and that we can see each other again.