1703990218 5 Quebec films that shine on the platforms

5 Quebec films that shine on the platforms

The catalogs of digital platforms are overflowing with foreign films – many of them from the US – and big-budget productions. But if we take the time to go through them, we see that they also contain notable feature films from Quebec. Here are 5 you can empathize with.


5 Quebec films that shine on the platforms

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Many years before Denis Villeneuve moved to Hollywood for Arrival, Blade Runner 49 and Dune, he created the event with Incendies, a film premiered in Venice, Oscar finalist and major Jutra winner. In this poignant drama, we follow twins Jeanne (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin) and Simon Marwan (Maxim Gaudette) in the Middle East, a country full of discoveries about their mother's life. Their journey is closely linked to their family, as they have a brother they never knew and a father they thought was gone forever. They have to deal with a lot of information that they cannot prepare for.

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Holy Martyr of the Damned

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There is no need to invest tens of millions of dollars or create unprecedented special effects that will unsettle moviegoers. A small village and diverse residents like in this fantastic production do the job perfectly. When journalist Flavien Juste (François Chénier) and his photographer colleague are sent to a remote corner to investigate numerous missing person cases, he has no idea what awaits him. Of course, running away would be the best solution, but you have to forget that because the photographer is nowhere to be found… Prepare for a cold sweat.

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The fall of Sparta

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Biz's novel had the necessary qualities to be translated to the big screen. In the lead role of Steeve Simard, Lévi Doré experiences the turbulent last year of high school, which his character has to overcome against his will. The lonely and reserved teenager becomes the center of attention of the most beautiful girl in school and the bully at the same time. Although moviegoers often had the opportunity to move within the walls of an educational institution, they did not always witness the racial and social diversity that is the case here.

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2 seconds

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A long-lost actress, Charlotte Laurier, and an old rider, Dino Tavarone, become friends in this film where a passion for cycling enables a wonderful encounter. Cyclist Laurie is dropped from her racing team because she was… 2 seconds too slow. A simple hesitation ruined his departure and his career. His unexpected meeting with Lorenzo, the owner of a shop who was a champion on two wheels, will put things into perspective. Sometimes life pushes us down paths that weren't on our path because we need to learn things.

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Anyone who knows Xavier Dolan's film career, or anyone who knows practically nothing about it, has already heard the film title “Mommy”. Praised at Cannes (Jury Prize) and entering the Oscar race as the Canadian representative, this drama is brilliantly performed by Anne Dorval, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clément. They make a positive trio as life tends to throw hard blows. To add sparkle to the scenario, the now retired Quebec director opted for the square 1:1 format. A smart choice with a guaranteed effect.

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