500 castles and no inhabitants understand why THIS city was

500 castles and no inhabitants: understand why THIS city was completely abandoned Multiverso Notícias

One City in Turkey had a very ambitious project: to build around 500 castles in the style of the castles of Disney to meet the needs of the region's wealthiest population.

After an investment of US$200 million (around R$970 million), the plan was abandoned and today the site is uninhabited, as it was from the start.

Burj Al Babas: Ghost town with more than 500 castles

Burj Al Babas, a construction project in Turkey, has become a ghost town. The project, launched in 2014, aimed to build 500 Disneystyle castles to meet the needs of the wealthier population.

Due to the economic difficulties that Türkiye was facing at that time, the Project was abandoned after an investment of $200 million.

Today the region is a tourist destination, attracting curious visitors to explore the 587 Disneystyle castles.

The area, located in the east of Ankara, stretches for about 190 kilometers and is currently partially completed.

In the video below we see footage of a group of people visiting the city.

Initially, Burj Al Babas had great prospects for success, but Turkey was hit by a coup that had a significant impact on its economy.

As a result, investors have lost confidence in the country's economic potential, which is no longer seen in the same light as before.

Of the 732 planned Disney minicastles, about 350 had already been sold before the country ran into trouble.

What is the current situation in the city?

In 2021, rumors emerged that construction of Burj Al Baba would resume; However, nothing has been done about it since then.

As of 2024, the project is still unfinished and its fate is uncertain. Unfortunately, Burj Al Babas has become just a place touristThis reminds us of the necessary caution that the real estate sector must exercise in such ambitious ventures.

It is important to mention that there is a similar city in China with several luxurious Renaissancestyle villas. In contrast to the Burj Al Babas, this city is inhabited, albeit by cattle and farmers.