6 shocking revelations from Luisa Sonza to Blogueirinha Splash

6 shocking revelations from Luísa Sonza to Blogueirinha Splash

This chapter also became a song, the hit “Penhasco”, in which she expressed her grief to her exhusband, who took a long time to come forward and deny the gossip. However, Luísa confirmed that the two were able to talk and sort things out properly.

“It happens. Sometimes we are bad for each other and don’t want to be. It happened, we’re okay with it. “He has already apologized to me,” said Sonza, who then pointed out that their marriage could not end in any way and could definitely be compared to dating Chico Veiga. “You can’t compare. They’re different things, but the last one obviously isn’t important.”

Fight with melody

During the debate, when Luísa Sonza was asked to name a singer, she said Melody’s name and burst out laughing along with Blogueirinha. The attitude was interpreted as mockery by the teenager, who didn’t let it stop him on social media.

“When a person knows that he will soon be overtaken and must attack anyone who threatens his rule. Whoever was born Luísa will never be Anitta,” Melody wrote in Stories along with the video of the moment.

In another post, she shared a recording of Sonza in the electric trio and recalled: “People call me to record a performance and then mock me in an interview. Fear or untruth?”