1709687567 60 year old records were broken in Quebec

60-year-old records were broken in Quebec

Published March 5, 2024 at 10:10 p.m.

An exceptional context in Quebec.

A touch of sweetness

A crest and favorable jet stream trajectory allow mild weather from the southern United States to reach Quebec. The south of the province in particular benefits from temperatures that are significantly above normal. The strongest positive anomalies are found in the east of the North American continent, particularly in Quebec. The mercury rose 12 to 18°C ​​above normal. However, these exceptional seasonal temperatures would gradually decrease with the arrival of a front.

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60 year record

This Tuesday, 60-year-old records were broken in Quebec. The maximum values ​​in Gaspé, Roberval and Val-d'Or exceeded the slight increase recorded on March 5, 1979. For Montreal, Ottawa, Saguenay, Quebec and Mont-Joli, the previous highest maximum value dates back to 1964. Note that “in Outaouais, the mercury temperature rose to 17.5°C.

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Big sweetie in Quebec

The strong mildness reached the city of Quebec, which significantly exceeded its 60-year record. In fact, the mercury reached 12 ° C, more than 4 ° C compared to March 5, 1964. In fact, it is the mildest temperature recorded for the Capitale-Nationale before March 15, coinciding with February 27, 2000.

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In collaboration with Patrick Duplessis, meteorologist.

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