90 Day Fiance39s Michael Ilesanmi has gone missing from his

90 Day Fiancé's Michael Ilesanmi has gone missing from his bride Angela Deem, just two months after moving to the United States from Nigeria

90 Day Fiancé star Michael Ilesanmi disappeared just two months after moving from his native Nigeria to the United States to live with his wife, 22 years his senior.

According to a video posted on YouTube by prominent blogger John Yates, posted live from Angela Deem's heartbroken home in Jefferson County, Georgia, 36-year-old Michael “went missing” on Friday, February 23rd. been.

The embattled couple first met on the second season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in 2018, before later marrying and visiting each other's home countries.

Angela, 58, had contacted police about Michael's disappearance, but during John's video the surprise news came that he was “safe” after she contacted police on a “burner” phone to say that he was “afraid” of his disappearance.

He also demanded that his wife remain in the dark about his whereabouts, prompting a furious Angela to claim he had “planned” his disappearance.

Happier times:

Happier times: “90 Day Fiancé” star Michael Ilesanmi was found after his wife and former co-star Angela Deem reported him missing – just two months after he moved to the US from his native Nigeria (pictured: Michael Ilesanmi and his now wife Angela Deem on the TLC hit series). View 90 Day Fiancé)

While John tried to update viewers during one of two livestreams, Angela yelled, “Breaking news.” I'm totally shocked right now, but not really, and that's all I can say.

“John please take over, I’m in shock.”

“I’m just going to rip it off like a Band-Aid,” he began. “Michael is safe, that’s the good news.”

“He contacted the police shortly after this life. Right after that live performance ended, Angela received a call from the police informing her that they had been contacted by Michael.

“He had a burner phone or some other phone that no one knew about, and on that phone were pictures of his passport.”

He added that after officers verified his identity, something “wild” soon followed.

Then, from behind the scenes, Angela shouted: “It's the Yahoo boy” – a reference to the nickname often given to online scammers, particularly those of Nigerian descent.

Celebrity blogger John Yates said Michael was found

Celebrity blogger John Yates said Michael was found “safe” after he contacted police using a “burner” phone to say he was “scared” for his life. He also demanded that his wife remain in the dark about his whereabouts (pictured: the estranged couple posing on Instagram).

John continued: “He told police he feared for his life here and Michael didn't want Angela to know his whereabouts.”

His wife revealed that the two were together in New York just five days ago and that his disappearance came out of the blue.

Viewers were also informed that Michael came to the United States from Nigeria just before Christmas 2023 to live with his wife.

John defended his pal by explaining that “no one is locked up here” and that the pair have been vacationing together in New York and Florida in recent weeks.

However, Angela refused to be consoled and accused her estranged husband of doing some “lying shit.”

She said off-camera: “I don't know why people think I'm not human… do you know what I mean?”

“I am a woman, I stand as a woman.” If you sneak behind my back and lie to me, I will no longer be okay.

I'm incredibly angry. I was worried because I thought he was hurt.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, Angela told fans that her husband left his phone and wallet behind before he disappeared.

She also said she first contacted his family before contacting police, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

She then used the platform to beg for his return, before later doing a complete about-face and asking if he had “planned” the ordeal all along.

“That's not funny. This really sucks…' she added.

“I'm telling you now.” I won't fucking let you come here if you don't love me.

Fans asked questions about the possibility of Michael pulling an immigration stunt to gain U.S. citizenship, to which she responded, “If Michael is truly missing and doesn't contact us, immigration may take over.” That's all I can tell you.

The incident is the latest in a series of challenges for the couple, who have recently been dogged by allegations of cheating from Michael.

In December 2022, Angela sobbed heartbroken as she revealed how her husband Michael had allegedly been unfaithful to her in a sneak peek on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

In the clip obtained by People, Angela described how Michael cheated on her with a 31-year-old woman he connected with on Instagram.

Angela told how “happy” she was in her relationship with Michael after a trip to Nigeria – before a friend alerted her to his indiscretions.

“When I came back from Nigeria, Michael and I were fine. “We were happy when we left, we were back to normal, for two damn weeks we've been on the phone 24/7 every night like we used to,” Angela told a producer.

“The spark was there, the love was still there, we were on the path to getting ready to bring him here and be husband and wife. “We love each other and I was happy. I was really happy.

“And then my friend sent me text messages. Michael is cheating on me online. This girl is 31 and they met on his Instagram. And that's why he didn't want to close his Instagram!'

Angela revealed that Michael had been communicating with the woman for two months before playing a voice memo that her husband had sent to the woman.

“They were talking the whole time we were arguing. For two months. Not only while I was in Nigeria but since I returned, Michael was still talking to this girl.

“I know this because I have screenshots.” Then I got a voice memo. And the way he spoke to her was the way he would speak to me in the voice memo. So I knew it was him.

“I'm telling her to pick up the phone, baby, I love you.” “I brought him right here,” she said, before playing the voice memo Michael had sent the woman.

The couple's issues played out on the series and Michael previously admitted to cheating on Angela in the early days of their relationship.

Despite the admission, she eventually forgave him and they married in his native Nigeria in 2020.

Then he waited four years until he was finally able to live with his wife in the USA two months ago.