A 12 hour piece about the work of Michel Tremblay

A 12-hour piece about the work of Michel Tremblay

After two performances in Montreal theaters The crossing of the centurya 12-hour play inspired by the career of Michel Tremblay will be performed on the 1st at the Carrefour International de Théâtre de Québecum June.

This impressive production by Alice Ronfard, accompanied by the late André Brassard, features 75 characters from the world of the great Quebec author and is interpreted by around twenty actors.

This extraordinary event was presented twice, each with three breaks; Two of them were open to the public for a long time to eat. Tickets, priced at $110 including taxes and fees, are available from March 1 on the Carrefour International de Théâtre website and from February 29 to newsletter subscribers.

After its stop in Quebec, La traversee du siècle returns to Montreal for five performances, which are already sold out through June 29th. The metropolis's theaters presenting this gigantic project have all hosted the premieres of at least one performance in Michel Tremblay's career.