A 3yearold girl dies because she was not helped due

A 3yearold girl dies because she was not helped due to the zero Covid policy

A threeyearold girl has died in the Chinese city of Lanzhou after being deprived of health care due to Covid’s “zero cases” policy. Tuo was the victim of carbon monoxide poisoning and could not be treated in time.

The Chinese authorities apologized this Thursday for the child’s death after the father complained about the slowness in providing assistance and the fact that he could not leave the house due to the confinement imposed in the city where he lives .

The case sparked outrage among local residents. “Three years of pandemic was his whole life,” commented one netizen.

All comments on the incident were quickly removed from Chinese social media.

“We sincerely accept the criticism and scrutiny of the media and netizens (…) to prevent such accidents from happening again,” Lanzhou police wrote in an unusual apology.

This incident is the latest in a series of health emergencies impacted by China’s lockdowns. Last month, the death of a 14yearold girl who was deprived of medical care also sparked outrage in the country.

The highly contagious Ómicron variant of the novel coronavirus has forced Chinese authorities to impose increasingly extreme and frequent lockdowns to uphold the “zerocases” strategy seen as a political triumph by Chinese Communist Party SecretaryGeneral Xi Jinping becomes.

The country’s health authorities recently reiterated that the Covid19 “zero cases” strategy was the “most economical and scientific” because it “rapidly detects new infections and contains the spread at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible”.

Nevertheless, the population complains about these measures because they sometimes lead to food shortages and make it difficult for the needy to access medical care.

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