A black Republican senator and former primary candidate reiterates his

A black Republican senator and former primary candidate reiterates his support for Trump

Black American Senator Tim Scott, who was briefly a candidate in the Republican primaries, expressed his support for the ultra-favorite Donald Trump against his rival Nikki Haley during a meeting of the former president on Friday evening in New Hampshire.

The influential senator from South Carolina, the state where Nikki Haley was governor, was on stage with Donald Trump during a meeting between the former president in New Hampshire, a small northeastern state that was debating the Republican primary on Tuesday is coordinated.

“I have come to the very cold state of New Hampshire to support the next President of the United States, President Donald Trump!” shouted Mr. Scott from New Hampshire, which was gripped by a bitter cold snap.

“We need Donald Trump,” he said again. “We need a president who will unite our country.”

Tim Scott, a conservative Christian who dreamed of becoming the first black Republican president in U.S. history, withdrew from the race in November without ever getting his campaign off the ground.

“He’s a great man,” Donald Trump replied on Friday evening. “Having his support means a lot to me.”

Nikki Haley, with her back to the wall and the ultra-favorite former president, has established herself this week as a bulwark against the “chaos” that she believes would mean a new Donald Trump presidency like Joe Biden.

The only woman on the right running for the White House, Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador under President Trump, will have to do very well in New Hampshire on Tuesday if they shake up the former president after his triumph during the campaign wants the primaries on January 15th in Iowa.

The South Carolina Republican primary will take place on February 24th.